RiverCity Asbestos Removals
Aspley, QLD
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RiverCity Asbestos Removals


Asbestos Removal and Demolition (A & B class)
*Residential and Commercial*
* Lab Analysis & Testing *
* Free quotes & advice *

Fully licensed and insured, providing qualified, professional, reliable and fully trained staff.

The Asbestos Code of Practice is strictly adhered to and all work is undertaken with the utmost diligence.

"Your safety is our priority"

Our Services
Removal of all Asbestos Containing Materials
Site Decontamination & Remediation
Cleaning and Decontamination
Site Inspection and Audit
Asbestos Sampling and analysis
Asbestos Disposal & Waste Transport

Why Choose us?
We believe customer service is important
We’re reliable and professional every time
We consider safety as the main priority
We are Licenced by the Environmental Protection Agency
We are Certified to AS/NSS4801
We are Licenced for Class A and B Asbestos Removal.
We service Residential, Commercial and Industrial clients
We are fully insured



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