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We specialize in the needs of people with small business computing systems. We repair laptops, desktop computers and servers. We also provide a range of services for the small business. A service we that we provide, that we excel in is proactive system maintenance. We believe in proactively checking computer service logs thus heading any potential disaster off at the pass. Repairs are performed within maintenance windows that are prearranged so as to minimise any down time for our clients.
Because we a small business too, we understand the limitations when it comes to protection through the tough present-day economic times in today's market as well as to strengthen and grow your business.

"We offer 24 hour 7 day support… because we know how important it is to have access to help in an emergency."

Retaining data security, integrity and availability is one of the highest priorities in any business today and without data, your business would not function for long. We supply the technical experience and know-how to help prevent security breaches to files and data and the loss of data. Through our custom tailored back-up and disaster recovery strategies you can rest easier.

Remember, prevention will cost you much less than the cure. So, if you do it right the first time, your IT infrastructure should not give you any major grief. Having the right technical experts, who you can call on any at time, is reassuring too.

Rather than make a call to have someone come in and 'clean up the mess' leaving you down time, (which we are more than capable of doing for you) have us come in and do a free site technical report before things go wrong.



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