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San Remo, NSW
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James Home Service Interior Care Lakehaven


The Lake Haven area might be one of the most beautiful areas of Australia, but what’s the point if you’re too busy to enjoy it? The good news is that James’ Home Services can help take a load off you, by taking care of all your housework.

So whether you need a regular mini-clean or something more extensive, call now to get your local James’ Home Services professional house cleaner around to give you an obligation-free quote. And start making the most of life in the beautiful Lake Haven area!

House Cleaning Services
Our house cleaning services are ready, willing and able to help you make the most of your home and your life. If you require a housecleaning service not listed here, ask us anyway, as we’re here to help. We can:
• Change light bulbs
• Clean bathroom, toilet & shower
• Clean your fridge
• Clean your garage
• Clean your oven
• Deodorise your home
• Do general tidy up
• Dusting (general or particular eg display cabinets)
• Mop floors
• Pick up your dry cleaning
• Polish mirrors
• Vacuum floors
• Wash the walls
• Water your plants
• Wipe down bench tops
• Wipe down kitchen cupboards & doors
• Wipe inside kitchen and bathroom cupboards & doors

Get an obligation-free quote

The Freshen Up House Clean includes general house tidying and dusting, thoroughly cleaning your kitchen and bathroom including wiping cupboards inside and out, polishing the mirrors and cleaning (vacuuming/mopping) all floors and leaving your home smelling fresh and clean.
As well as thoroughly cleaning all areas of your home as for a Freshen Up Clean, a Super Clean can include any extra chores you need done, from cleaning the oven to defrosting the freezer, washing your walls, watering your plants etc. Your local James’ Home Services franchisee will work out a regular, or one-off, package to suit your individual requirements.

Local with 25 years experience. No job too big or small, or just for the jobs you hate. More time for you to do whatever you want, come home and its done.



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