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Heritage Decorations believes that any business or homeowner who has ever started a simple do-it-yourself painting project understands the challenges of getting the job done on time. There are always extra trips to the paint store for supplies. It is difficult to accurately estimate the time required to properly prepare the project area. And, time required for touch-ups and repair. Hiring Heritage Decorations will give you the time and freedom to enjoy the things you like to do.
Heritage Decorations will save you money why? Because every do-it-yourself project ends up costing more than the original budget. Whether it's underestimating total paint needs, adding in the cost of clean-up, or all the other unanticipated expenses that come up, don't put the additional strain on your budget. By Hiring Heritage Decorations we will help you pick the right product and have the right tools and dedicated workforce to make sure that the job is complete to the highest specification.
Heritage Decorations prides itself on safety for the staff to our homeowners. Fully insured and fully trained you can rest assured there are no risks to yourself and others.
Heritage Decorations delivers quality. Do-it-yourselfers don't have the industry knowledge to know what works, how to use it, or have the right tools for the job. Details such as surface prep, paint application and a material's long-term durability often get overlooked especially in the harsh Perth climate. Heritage Decorations has 20 years experience in Perth and use the highest quality products as this is important to us to create the finish you are looking for for your home or business.



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