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Daisy Hill, QLD


Fully insured. Clean Air Garden Care is the first true green company in Australia to offer pollution-free, noise reduced lawn mowing and gardening services. All of our work is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. See our website: for more information.

Petrol engines are dirty, noisy, emit pollution, are potentially hazardous to your health and generally require a lot of maintenance. Our electric powered equipment on the other hand is superior for the following reasons:


Did you know that one petrol lawn mower emits approximately the same amount of air pollution as forty late model cars!

Our electric equipment does not use any fossil fuels which means no harmful emissions are emitted by us into our working environments. We also harness the clean energy of Solar Power to charge our equipment and battery packs!


It’s a known fact that electric lawn mowers are up to 75% quieter than their noisy petrol counterparts.

Our quieter working environment is not only beneficial to our workers (for obvious health related reasons), but also for your neighbours, for sleeping children (or people who need to sleep during the day), and most importantly so that you can get on with your day without having to worry about the annoying distraction of loud noise in the background.


For the same reason you wouldn’t deliberately stand behind a petrol car and breathe in the exhaust fumes (there are serious warnings in every car manual against doing this)… we don’t recommend using petrol lawn mowers.

Petrol garden equipment emits the same pollutants as cars, such as hazardous air pollutants, particle pollution and VOC. All of these pollutants can contribute to health problems not only for the people who use the equipment but also for the landowners, their families and anybody else in the area.

Rest assured, all of our equipment emits zero harmful emissions and is 100% safe to be around in terms of air quality.

Book a job with absolute confidence and peace of mind!

The First Gardening Service of it’s Kind in Australia – LESS Air Pollution, LESS Noise Pollution and satisfaction guaranteed!

If for some reason you are not completely satisfied with one of our jobs and you notify us within 48 hours of job completion, we will come back and rectify free of charge, any problems related to our workmanship.

That’s our guarantee!




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"Mark and his team performed quality work. I would definitely recommend them."
from Forest Lake, QLD posted a job for Gardening on 2 May 2014
"Im very happy with the job done. Mark and his team did a great job. I will definitely use cleanair again in the future. Thanks."
from Calamvale, QLD posted a job for Gardening on 21 March 2014
"Clean job. Will definitely hire him again. "
from Fairfield, QLD posted a job for Gardeners on 24 February 2014
"Mark and his team do excellent work, very happy with their service"
from Daisy Hill, QLD posted a job for Gardeners on 19 October 2013
"Alex who works for Clean Air Garden Care did a very professional job in tidying up our garden and doing all the jobs we asked with no fuss. We have hired him for 2-3 years to maintain the garden for tenants. Alex's boss, Mark, organised delivery of mulch and rocks and followed up with me to find out whether we were happy with the work done. We were impressed with the quality of Alex's work and Mark's followup so would recommend this business."
from Westlake, QLD posted a job for Gardeners on 26 August 2013
"Mark and his team are excellent, always do a great job, very happy and would recommend to others"
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"Good communication from the owner and personalized service. Very much appreciated Mark's help on clearing my garden! Highly recommended!"
External Feedback from
"it was all good. they'll coming back to finish all jobs. great service"
from Ormeau, QLD posted a job for Gardeners on 17 June 2013
"Dear Mark. I've decided to give the job to another contractor. Your price was very competitive. Thanks for your quote. Kind Regards, Robert"
from Sheldon, QLD posted a job for Landscaping And Gardening on 11 June 2013
from Bowen Hills, QLD posted a job for Gardeners on 30 May 2013
"nice service!"
from Moorooka, QLD posted a job for Gardeners on 12 April 2013
"Good service and at a very affordable price."
from Toowong, QLD posted a job for Garden Services on 18 January 2013


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