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Plumbing in the West


I have been a fully qualified, licenced and insured plumber for 30 yrs.

I have experience across all types of domestic / residential plumbing activities and have developed an excellent understanding of the broader building industry.

I have also worked in local government inspection roles allowing me an understanding of navigating government requirements.

I allow time to communicate & to work with people's ideas & expectations. Having also worked & traveled throughout parts of Australia I have been able to gather a diverse range of plumbing principles to apply to situations.

My experience ranges from kitchen & bathroom renovations, plumbing fixtures and new plumbing appliance installation, roof & gutter and rainwater catchment installations, all sewer & stormwater drainage, and hot & cold water issues. I also undertake a wide range of property maintenance activities and can arrange other trade services when required.

Here are a range of qualifications I have attained:

•Masters Plumbing Certificate in pressure reduction valves
•Masters Plumbing Certificate in AS3500 Plumbing Code
•Backflow Prevention certificate
•Occupational Health & Safety certificate – white card - Victoria
•Confined spaces statement of attainment
•Elevated Work Platform- Boom Operator certificate
•Benchmark Estimating Software Training
•Control Traffic with a Stop-Slow Bat certificate
•Certificate IV Workplace Assessment and Training
Diploma of Project Management
•Proficient use of a variety of computer applications including Microsoft Office Suite, Internet
•Hydraulic drafting/design experience
•Excellent written and verbal communication skills
•Ability to work unsupervised and as a member of a team
•Experienced in the efficient utilisation of human and material resources
•Current Victorian manual drivers license, medium rigid truck license and motorcycle license.

Owner builder of 5 family developments.
plus more...........

I look forward to hearing from you



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