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Capalaba, QLD
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A Plus Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control



The hot water extraction process we use is recognised as providing the deepest, most thorough, most effective and longest lasting clean available in the marketplace today.

We utilise only Australian standard 3733 chemicals, and all are biodegradable and environmentally safe.

Pre-vacuuming of carpets is undertaken with hospital grade hepa filters to ensure removal of dust and dust mites in all exposed traffic areas

All carpets are presprayed with a specific 3 in 1 shampoo, sanitiser and deodoriser before the clean and extraction.

We will pretreat any existing basic staining and marks prior to the extraction process

We move all necessary furniture and furnishings that are deemed to be a safe and reasonable lift for the technician on the day

All furniture is replaced and coastered as required.

All of our technicians are experienced and highly trained, trustworthy individuals!


All technicians are licensed by Queensland Health with the appropriate state accreditations.

Our services and chemicals comply with all appropriate government regulations and legislation.

A number of warranty options can be offered.

Our pest control technicians are efficient and skilled in pest control applications in both the domestic and commercial sectors.


Cockroach gel applied to all hinges in wet areas
(kitchen, bathroom & toilet areas)

Insecticidal dust puffed into all cracks and crevices including under fridge, dishwasher, washing machine, cupboards and plumbing pipe sleeves.

Aerosol sprays applied to all potential insect habitats such as plumbing pipes (kitchen, bathroom, etc), behind toilet cisterns and wall mount air-conditioners.

Aerosol spray applied to spiders in all your internal architraves.

Insecticidal spray applied to all exposed skirting board areas paying particular attention to those wet areas in kitchen, bathroom, laundry and toilet.

An inspection of your house roof cavity and then insecticidal dust blown through roof cavity area with an automated dust blower.

Spider spray to house exterior including eaves, down pipes, weep holes, wheel bins, clothes line, letterbox, 3x3 garden shed, pool pump, outdoor furniture etc.

“Most importantly, our entire carpet cleaning and pest control operations and procedures are performed with the overall health and safety of our clients’ foremost as the primary objective on the worksite”

As mentioned all of our workmanship is fully warranted and insured. We are full financial members of both recognised national bodies that govern our quality and standards of workmanship. These bodies are N.U.C.C.A. (National Upholsterers and Carpet Cleaners Association) and the AEPMA Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association). This means that your household can have 100% confidence in dealing with our business as a skilled, reputable, and professional organisation.

We pride ourselves on the overall value, quality and consistency of service that we can provide.



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