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As a child, I thought camera is a time machine that could stop and record good scenes of life. When I entered my young life, I found my passion in taking photos and photography became my hobby. This was the start of my way to become a photographer. I start my adulthood doing computer engineering. Nearly at the end of my engineering degree, I honored to be invited to go for some shoots with a lecturer that totally changed my life. I did a good job! The superb quality of the photos made me excited. That was how I inspired to seek a career in photography and photography became part of my daily routine life. From then on I certainly knew that this is the career that I made for!

At the moment, I have Bachelor of Photoimaging from RMIT University. In my photos I seek to bring out the beauty in things that we see everyday but we forget to see the exquisiteness in the scene. I try to show the viewer what I can see and feel when I take photos. When you look at my photos, I will show you the feeling of excitement and you will find yourself captured in the moment,dreaming the reality of that instant in time.



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