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Maylands buildind specialises in all roofing repairs/patios, asbestos removial, carpentry, balustrades, all types of fencing including swing and rail motorised gates.

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from Como, WA posted a job for Asbestos Removal on 8 May 2021

from Waterford, WA posted a job for Roof Tiler on 28 April 2021

from Perth, WA posted a job for Carpenters on 6 April 2021

"Took my drill without permission. Used other tools without permission. CAME INTO THE HOUSE WITHOUT OUR KNOWLEDGE OR CONSENT! Extremely poor quality repairs that will now be expensive to fix up. Tools missing from our house after he came in without our knowledge. Reported to the police."
from East Victoria Park, WA posted a job for Carpenters on 18 December 2020
"Oh my God. Everything in this is a lie apart from the fact i accidentally took his drill as mine is the same. This idiot doest realise that when i called him to tell him i was going the next day ( which he of xoarse agreed to, as the paimt ran on a 42 degree day and the filler shank also as it does in any weather ) it was on speakerphone m front of a witness with the phone call also recorded on my phone account records. Can you beleive this poor pitiful damaged soulees pathetic excuse for a man did this knowing full well i was spending $1000s trying to save my pets life. And after he found out my pet died. Made proven false claims to police that i stole from his house. Every person working there related their opinion of what a dickhead this man and his boyfriend were. This sad excuse for an aussie and man will be served this week for telling provable lies, slander and deformation. My professional opinion as 20 year volunteer counsellor is that hes a compulsive liar with a pharmaceutical drug addiction. Ps ill give the $100'000 ill easily win from this law suit in court to an animal charity. And ill make him do a biblical punishment by standing on one leg out front of his place of work or he can pay $200000.. "

"Diligent service with attention to detail to ensure a quality finish. Thanks! "
from Noranda, WA posted a job for Roof Restoration on 19 October 2020

from Embleton, WA posted a job for Asbestos Removal on 14 October 2020

"Was supposed to install a solar extractor fan but then they recommended that it was not needed but only 2 roof vents were required and revised it down to only 1 roof vent required. In the end turns out that there was not enough cooling - it was a total waste of time, effort & money. These guys have no idea what they're doing."
from Stirling, WA posted a job for Roof Plumbing on 29 October 2020



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