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Seoane Concrete and Construction is a fast-growing company that handles all aspects of concreting, landscaping, and handyman services.

We always aim to satisfy our clients' needs. That's why we continuously strove to provide superb workmanship and great customer service for our corporate and individual clients.

We have over 20 years of experience in the industry.

Our range of services includes:

• Concrete Slabs (Industrial, Commercial, and Domestic)
• Concrete Factory Floors
• Concrete Car Parks
• Concrete Driveways
• Footings
• Steel Fixing
• Excavation
• Site Cut
• Formwork
• Suspended Slabs
• Labour Hire (Industrial, Commercial, and Domestic)
• Concrete Nature Strips
• Landscaping
• Suspended Concrete Slabs
• Exposed Concrete
• Polished Concrete Kitchen and Bar Tops
• Project Management
• Painting

Seoane Concrete and Construction was established in 2009, and we have become a highly regarded concreting company, which has also conquered the landscaping and painting industries.

We operate throughout Melbourne Metro and outer Suburbs including Geelong Areas. Our Director, Mr. Jose Seoane, has built the reputation of the company on trust, quality, and professional finish. He is a member of the Master Builders Association of Western Australia.

Seoane Concrete and Constructions provides services to the domestic, commercial, and industrial sectors. With experience in all these fields, we have completed exemplary jobs within:

Housing Industry – Builders

• North Star Homes Pty Ltd
• Chiminello Building Services Pty Ltd
• Ercoworks
• Coscotti Group Pty Ltd
• Crown Construction and Services Pty Ltd
• D&Z Construction Pty Ltd

Commercial Industry – Builders

• Brookfield Multiplex Pty Ltd
• John Holland Pty Ltd
• Lend lease Pty Ltd
• Grocon Pty Ltd

Industrial Industry- Builders

• BGC Pty Ltd
• Northfield Pty Ltd
• Precision Pty Ltd
• BHP Billiton Pty Ltd
• Northfields Pty Ltd

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"STAY AWAY. This man will cause you grief beyond comprehension. 1) sent a quote via SS, he appeared to be the cheapest one. Rocks up, quote goes much higher. 2) tried to get away with taking all the dirt I asked to be removed. His workers were the ones to tell me it wouldn't be taken, that was until I phoned him. (Cleaned out most, but still left stones in the garden bed when I specifically asked them to be removed). 3) wanted to bring another skip bin in with the excuse that my backyard had excess dirt. When I saw with my own eyes his workers bring bringing dirt and other rubbish in the back of the ute from another job and dump it in there. When he brought up the additional bin, I brought up what I saw with my eyes, and he goes to me that it wasn't much at all they brought. Not true. 3) I asked for a drainage system, he kept saying I didn't need one. Though specifically I asked for it in my ad. Now I've got water piling up at corner of another slab. 4) I had cracks within the 1st few days of laying concrete. Steel mesh was not put in and I had to chase him for over a week to come and cut the concrete. He laid the concrete late afternoon in the heat. I got confirmation from other concreters, concrete should be laid 1st thing in the morning, as heat makes new concrete expand. (Clearly he wanted to get out of there asap). 5) a corner slab broke, had another concreter come out and confirm no steel mesh was put. I had to chase Jose for over a month to come and repair this broken slab. 6) he dumped excess crushed rock down my stormwater drain/retention system which caused a blockage. He told me he would come and clean it. Completely ignored me. Several months later, blockage has occurred, council comes out to inspect and I cop a warning from council. I call a Plumber out. 4 FULL buckets and $250 later, it's cleaned out. I message him telling him I expect to be paid back for the $250 I've spent. Totally ignored again. So fellow Service Seekers, avoid this man at all cost. He'll come across as a charming guy, smiling and will act like your best friend. In the end, he'll take your money and you'll be left with more problems than you started with. Choose someone else. I chose him cause he had some photos up and seemed reputable. Check the other negative reviews. Similar stores as to what I've mentioned here, and there were other issues, but I'm sure these facts are enough to get my point across. "
from Fawkner, VIC posted a job for Concreters on 20 June 2020

"Jose did a great job Concreating my two car garage, turned up and done the job when he said he would, and was a pleasure to deal with. highly recommended "
from Somerville, VIC posted a job for Concreters on 22 September 2019

"Seoane Concrete and Constructions were very reliable and did s great job! Jose is the man that gets things done, without the stuffing around, unlike other tradies who start the job but don’t show up the next day to finish. Jose and his team are highly recommended."
from Kealba, VIC posted a job for Concrete Removal on 29 July 2019

"Could improve completing the work, quality of workmanship, professionalism, communication"
from Eltham, VIC posted a job for Concreters on 27 July 2019

"Great and honest"
from Yarraville, VIC posted a job for Concrete Removal on 25 July 2019

"Jose is professional and does a great job at a reasonable price. Have used him several times now and is highly recommended. "
from Glen Iris, VIC posted a job for Concreters on 16 July 2019

"Unskilled and untrustworthy contractor, bad work , DO NOT PAY HIM DEPOSIT. He left job half done."
from Mount Eliza, VIC posted a job for Driveway on 19 June 2019
"Hi Oliver, I take all reviews seriously, I did not walk away with your money first of all. I have terms and conditions and under those terms from the beginning which you agreed on but failed to comply. Four days of work were conducted, bobcat work laying of road base and formwork ready for reinforcement for an area of 120m2+ on a hill for which you changed on numerous occasions the layout you wanted originally you added more area for no extra charge you did not want to pay what you owed you pulled up formwork you wanted extra drainage at my expense. Under my terms I was within my right to walk away from your project. This is after I gave you a considerable discount because you were unemployed. I wasn’t prepared to spend another day at my expense on this project for a troublesome client. I have been doing this trade for over 20 years now i I know a troublesome client when engaged with. I left your site 100% improved. Take care Oliver"

"Jose did a good concrete job for us in South Morang, Vic. He is reliable and he was on time for the job."
from South Morang, VIC posted a job for Concreters on 27 May 2019

"I engaged Seoane Concrete to remove my old, cracked concrete driveway and replace with black based exposed concrete. Once dry, the finish on the concrete did not resemble the one that we had chosen. Jose and I exchanged many calls to troubleshoot what could be done to rectify. After 2 weeks of trial and error we have a driveway that looks like the finish we chose in the showroom. Jose stuck with the job until a satisfactory outcome was achieved, where I feel others may have thrown in the towel and walked off the job. "
from Bentleigh East, VIC posted a job for Exposed Aggregate Concrete on 23 January 2019

" José was great to communicate with about the job. He gave a good quote in very little time after he received the specifications. He was punctual and did a fantastic job at the end. I would recommend José for all your concreting needs."
from Cranbourne, VIC posted a job for Concreters on 12 October 2018

from Kingsley, WA posted a job for Concrete Slab on 15 November 2017

"Top bloke, knows his concrete and does not cut corners. Worth paying a little bit more to make sure the job is done right the first time"
from Forrestdale, WA posted a job for Concreters on 20 August 2017



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