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Over the past year D.M Roofing Contractors has emerged as one of the most respected general roofing contracting business's in north western and the north eastern regions of victoria. Again and Again, in the area of domestic roofing, we have proven our ability to take on large and complex repairs and complete them on time, on budget and at the highest level of quality.

Our growing reputation for excellence, resourcefullness and responsiveness is no accident. Its a natural consequence of the values that guided our business since its founding. These include an energetic enthusiasum for what we do, a sensitivity to the needs of our customer, a willingness to accept total responsibility and a craftsmanlike pride in knowing that all the work carried out by us will last the years to come.

While some in our industry find this old-fashioned, we belive they are why knowledgeble Real-estate agents and Insurance firms through out our region place their trust, in D.M Roofing Contractors.
That passionate energy and aggresive enthusiasm for a roofing project begins even before we arive at your property.

Simply put, we think its what makes us differ from other roofing company's.

Prior to filling out a quote, we analyze every project down to the last detail to ensure that it matches our capabilities. Fact is, we will subit a quote only if we are certain we can do a first-rate job. More importantly, that analysis also allows us to discover potential problems, develop ways to address them in advance and give our customer a more realistic time frame and cost.
In the end that means you the customer will be getting more for less.

In choosing D.M Roofing Contractors to perform your roofing requirements you can have confidence and rest assured that we are a proffesional business who is there not only to carry out your project correctly, we are there to save you time and money.

Our services include

Roofing Repairs:
-Gutter Guard & Ember Guard
-Cracked or broken roof tiles
-Cracked or broken bedding associated with ridge&hip capping, Gabbles and valleys.
-Valley Ion replacements
-Possum & Bird proofing
-Displaced roof tiles
-Flashings blocked, damaged or displaced
-Blocked gutters / downpipes
-24hr 7 days Emergency call out service
-Rusted and leaking guttering and downpipes
-Leaking metal roofs

Offering a comprehensive range of roofing services enables us to tailor a delivery system which matches our clients needs, goals and budget. D.M Roofing Contractors commitment to these services adds values to your property and helps ensure you get the best service at an affordable cost.

Kind Regards,
Daniel Mcnally



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