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Reson8 is one person with a lot of experience working from home. Experienced web developer + No overheads + No staff = Cheap Quality product.

You will get the maximum bang for your buck. You're not paying for my office or my receptionist because I don't need/have them.

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Reasons to use me:

01. Expert in SEO. I optimize your site to maximize the ranking in Google’s organic search results.
02. Integrity. I continually educate myself on the latest Google algorithms to ensure your site conforms now and is future proofed down the track.
03. Experts in UX. I build websites people can use to easily buy your products/services
04. Design. I provide visually compelling design and layout that merges seamlessly with functional navigation.
05. Business focus. I remain committed to the business outcomes you want from your web property.
06. Experience. Running my own network and publishing ads provides me and my customers with web development/traffic quality insight that other companies lack.
07. ROI. We continually strive to maximize the return on your wed development investment by implementing strategies that improve conversions.
08. Support. My service and support is second to none.
09. Training. Ideas, suggestions and strategies for continual website improvement and self-management as required.

Some standard website features:

01. Responsive framework to optimize display on all devices
02. Content Management Systems allowing you to self-manage your content
03. Geo-Location to display products/services that are in close proximity to the user
04. Site wide language translation including menus
05. Cookie opt-in policies for compliance in relevant countries
06. XML advertising feed implementation
07. Advertising management
08. Automated social network integration
09. Newsletter systems
10. Keyword research and optimization
11. Search Engine Optimized (SEO) to maximize organic search engine traffic and conversions
12. In-built traffic analysis and reporting

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