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The Creative Minority is a strategic multi-disciplined digital agency. We combine creativity, marketing and emerging technology to create memorable digital experiences.

We work one-on-one with small to medium businesses, entrepreneurs & start-ups to offer end-to-end digital marketing solutions to create, foster and maintain the success of their brand within the digital space.

Our mission is to assist these businesses to grow their brand using new technologies and best of breed digital marketing strategies. We achieve this by:

Working with our heart and mind in every project. We exercise passion in everything we do, no matter how large or small a project is

Creating brand alignment by sharing common goals to achieve great results

Exercising integrity and offering honest and transparent advice

Remaining accountable for our actions that influence our clients’ customers. If we don’t think it’s ethical, we won’t pursue it

Collaborating with like-minded individuals to achieve a perfect result. If we don’t have the infrastructure, we will seek an opportunity to cross-pollinate services to ensure a project sees completion to the highest of standard

Exercising open-communication. Everyone is contactable and all doors are open. Open communication is pivotal to the success of a project

Encouraging Entrepreneurialism. All members of The Creative Minority are encouraged to think like entrepreneurs by cautiously evaluating a situation, spotting an opportunity and implementing a strategy to create a memorable client experience each and every time.

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