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We provide a range of career and job seeker services to cater for individuals at all levels and occupations. Whether it be simple job applications or complex business proposals, we spend the time and energy necessary to give our clients the edge to achieve their goals.

Resumes and CVs
The quality of your resume could well mean the difference between a good job, an ordinary job, or worst of all, no job! Your resume is your first, and often, the only opportunity to make an impression. Our goal will be to develop a document which powerfully presents your true worth and a job offer on the terms you expect and deserve.

Application Letters
An application letter provides the opportunity to present your case for a particular role - in some instances it can it can even be the deciding factor in the selection process. A great resume or CV should be supported by a well constructed, powerful and compelling letter.

Selection Criteria
Jobs within all tiers of government, community organizations and some larger employer groups require this form of application. It is a process which most job seekers from outside the public sector do not properly understand and can find quite challenging. If you need assistance with this type of application, contact us to see how we can help.

LinkedIn and Business Profiles
'Profile' has become the preferred term for individuals in self-employment or business. Our approach is similar to that of resume or CV development, however the key is to understand the purpose for which it has to be written. For example, profiles can be very valuable documents to accompany tender and contract submissions as well as business proposals. We have assisted small business owners to increase their turnover with business profiles and promotional material. We understand business, and when we work with clients to develop their profiles we spend time to gain a solid understanding of their business objectives and write the profiles accordingly.

Career Coaching
Not everyone finds their true vocation first up. In fact the majority of workers will go through a number of occupations in their work-life, either by design, for reasons beyond their control or out of financial necessity. Another interesting point is that the majority of workers would rather be doing something else. So if you're in that predicament or simply feel you are ready for a change, contact us to see how we can help you with the next step.

Interview Coaching
Interviews can be harrowing experiences for some job seekers - even seasoned workers can come unstuck at interviews, particularly those who have not had to apply for a job for some time. Managers who have hired and fired people over a long period can themselves feel quite uncomfortable sitting on the other side of the desk. Whether you are applying for your first job, a new job or re-entering the workforce, an interview coaching session could boost your confidence and increase your chances of success. Even if you feel that you understand the principles of proper interview behaviour and protocol, it may only be a minor detail or enhancement to your presentation that sways the decision in your favour.

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