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Foundation Makeup Artistry


A little about us.

I loved getting my makeup done BUT more than that I loved watching how the girls created a different me, with a few colours, some extra lashes and a shinny lip I was ready to take on the world. So 2008 rolled around and I decided it was my year to do something rather than just work, so I found myself enrolled at the Australian Academy of Makeup. This was it, my chance to create that same feeling of taking on the world for someone else.
9 months flew past, I stepped up to challenges of creating new and different looks, anything from 1950s glamour to characters using prosthesis, elegant looks and blood and gore. I mastered the basics from understanding face shapes, what colour suits your skin type and how to create a perfect, flawless look.
One of the most important lessons I picked up from my Diploma at the Academy was how you can change a persons perception of themselves. Everyone is beautiful and its a gift to be able to help a client see and believe this.

The opportunity to bring a clients look to life and change their perception of beauty is a rewarding job. I never stop learning and each client teaches me something new.
I continuously look at ways I can improve and develop as an artist, often offering my services for photo shoots to hair dressers, photographers and styled glamour shoots.

I started Foundation Makeup Artistry to educate, create, inspire and bring happiness.
A little advise that works for me, if your day isnt going to plan, add a little lippy, reds my favourite, it not only makes you want to smile but gives you that extra little something to boost your mood.

Makeup enhances our beauty, naturally we are amazing!!



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