LEACH STEGER Registered Land Surveyors
Kambah Village, ACT
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LEACH STEGER Registered Land Surveyors


We are a team of qualified ACT & NSW registered land surveyors providing surveying services to the private and public sector.

Our services include Boundary, Construction, Engineering and GPS surveying for your project needs using innovative applications and techniques.

We offer underground utility & services location/detection with hydro pothole excavation services for your duty of care requirements with service providers.

Call us today to discuss your project requirements and allow us to prepare a cost effective solution for your budget.


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Residential surveying
Boundary surveys
Mining surveys
Contour Plans & Detail Surveys
Subdivision & Redefinition Plans
Identification Surveys
Easement Plans
GIS Data Surveys
Building Surveys
Strata Surveys & Community Plans
Rural Surveys
Volume Surveys