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Bundaberg building and Pest inspections


Bundaberg Building and Pest Inspections

Bundaberg Building and Pest Inspections provides all-inclusive and comprehensive reports on your property ensuring that no fault is overlooked. As well as guaranteed quality, Bundaberg Building and Pest Inspections promises affordable and competitive prices.

Pre-purchase Building Inspections.

The quality of a property is something that is hard to gauge. A lot of faults in properties are hidden to the uneducated and even educated eye. When having Bundaberg Building and Pest Inspections inspect a property for you, the thorough analysis of the property including sub floor and roof space allows you to be confident in the property you are going to be purchasing. We make sure that you aren’t spending your money on properties that will shock you with necessary renovations and other surprises in future.

Pre-purchase Pest Inspection

Our Timber Pest Inspections are just as comprehensive and thorough as our Building Inspections. We report on pest infestations throughout the entire dwelling and site, the presence of fungi as well as any delignification due to chemicals. Just like the Building Inspection reports we offer advice on things that may lead to timber pest issues in the future. Our team checks all accessible timber for termite infestations and spots any risk that structures
may have of future infestations.

Benefits of a Pre-sale Inspection

The purchase negotiation process is not the time to be finding hidden property faults defects or termites, so it's wise to get a pre-sale building and pest inspection. The pre-sale building and pest inspection will ensure a hassle-free property sale. It supplies the buyer with the confidence to continue with the purchase with an unbiased assessment of the building and structures to the site, and gives the seller a indication on any issues to be rectified which could affect an agreed sale price. Defects which arise late in a purchase negotiation may cause contracts to crash, unnecessarily terminating the sale process.
Point out the building condition with a pre-sale inspection from Bundaberg Building and Pest Inspections to ensure a hassle free property sale.

When to get a handover report

ractical Completion Reports (or sometimes known as Handover reports) are valuable reports to obtain. When you finishing building a house, a practical Completion Report allows you to achieve peace of mind by being assured that the building is built to not only Australian Standards but also your own.
It is common for people to assume that because a when house is newly built, nothing could be wrong with the standard of the construction. It is a very regular thing for builders or their contractors to make mistakes and for that reason we suggest that following the completion of your new home or investment you book a practical completion inspection so that you know that you aren’t going to have to out lay money in the near future to fix mistakes that shouldn’t have been made.
Our handovers highlight poor finishes, poor workmanship, incomplete work and bridging of termite barriers.

Pool safety certificates

There are many rules and regulations that determine what you can and cannot do in terms of your pool and pool area. Most of the time, people are not aware of these laws and there are hefty penalties for property owners whose pool barriers do not comply with the Queensland government standards.
Bundaberg building, pest and pool fence inspections are completed with the latest technology, which means that you get an accurate and informative report - Fast! If you fence complies with the Queensland Swimming Pool Safety Laws you will get your Pool Safety Certificate (Form 23) within 24 Hours.

The fact is that some pools require expensive adjustments to achieve compliance. We are also fully licensed to provide the required repairs.

Asbestos registers

A person with management or control of a workplace must ensure asbestos at the workplace is identified, the location of asbestos is clearly indicated and recorded in a register and have a written asbestos management plan if asbestos has been identified at the workplace (or is likely to be there at times).

An asbestos register is not required if the building was constructed after 31 December 1989 and no asbestos has been identified at the workplace and asbestos is not likely to be present.

The asbestos register must be maintained so the information in the register is up to date and be readily accessible.



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