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At AAA Bill’s Removalists Group, we are extremely proud of the work we do and the reputation that we have built over the years. We are focused on delivering consistent service to our cherished customers and believe that this starts with our staff.

"Absolutely APPALLED with our service. Booked a Saturday morning 5ton truck for 8-12 for our office move. Have email proof of this. I received a call at 7.30, saying the driver was there. I reminded him we were booked for 8am. He said the traffic was good so they arrived early. So what?? We had a 8-12 booking. He then said they would go do a small job first. I said no this was not appropriate, as we had a firm booking for 8am and needed the move to happen in this time frame as my boss, overseeing the move, had a 2pm flight. I gave him my bosses number. He called my boss at 7.36 and 7.37. My boss returned the call at 7.38 and twice more after that, and didnt get any answer. Our staff were still waiting around from 7.50 until 8.30 with no idea what was going on. My boss received a call from the driver at 8.30, who told my boss he was busy on another job and told my boss to get ***** SEVERAL TIMES and said he was not coming at all. My boss panicked and tried to find another removalist but all were booked out. Finally Bill himself called my boss and said the truck was on its way. It arrived at 9.30. The movers worked slowly as they saw we had staff helping, only coming upstairs to move one fridge as our staff had already moved everything. They packed slowly, unpacked slowly. They were working from 9.30 - 12. This should have been 80x2.5 + $50 call out fee = 250. ASIDE from the fact that I feel we should not have had to pay the call out fee, as they had arrived 1.5 hours and were RUDE, they ALSO demanded my boss pay an extra $25! My boss refused and simply paid the $250 and had to close the door to get them to leave him alone, they were yelling at him in another language part of the time too. SUCH a shame as the last time we used these guys they were great so this is why we returned looking forward to an equally good service - HOW VERY WRONG WE WERE. Disgusting service and behaviour. Will never use again. You have lost a good customer."
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"DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY I booked this company for 9am and at 9.30 nobody had arrived after calling several times he finally called back saying he booked another job so I had no choice but to wait for him finally at 11.45am he arrived which now I wish I just cancelled from the start, I ended up with several bits of broken furniture the worst was a $2000 mirror, it took them 7hours to do a 2hour job and at the end they were so rude and unprofessional, I'm 6months pregnant and they were asking me to help carry stuff to help them out. In the end They made me pay the full amount even after thousands of dollars worth of damage they caused he was so arrogant and intimidating I had no choice but to pay it I felt threatened by him which is a disgusting way to run a business...after all that I walk outside to see all my furniture sitting on my front lawn in the rain the removalist just left after I paid him. This was the worst experience of my life and I wouldn't want anyone else going through this. "
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