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name Bill Chen
mob 0425351578
tel 0296356571
addr 8 Cowper St
NSW, 2150
abn 33558224450 View ABN details→


" DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY I booked this company for 9am and at 9.30 nobody had arrived after calling several times he finally called back saying he booked another job so I had no choice but to wait for him finally at 11.45am he arrived which now I wish I just cancelled from the start, I ended up with several bits of broken furniture the worst was a $2000 mirror, it took them 7hours to do a 2hour job and at the end they were so rude and unprofessional, I'm 6months pregnant and they were asking me to help carry stuff to help them out. In the end They made me pay the full amount even after thousands of dollars worth of damage they caused he was so arrogant and intimidating I had no choice but to pay it I felt threatened by him which is a disgusting way to run a business...after all that I walk outside to see all my furniture sitting on my front lawn in the rain the removalist just left after I paid him. This was the worst experience of my life and I wouldn't want anyone else going through this. "

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" To the ENTIRE PUBLIC OF SYDNEY. I highly highly advice to NOT to use this service under any given circumstances due to the fact they show up 2 hours prior to the actual noted time without remorse. They have a reputation for taking your belongings outside & then abandoning the premises all together leaving your belongings exposed outdoors without a word said. You can call to find out what's going on with a reply "I'll call the truck" & then NO RESPONSE follows after that with your calls cut off. Also they don't offer receipts & is only paid by cash only, which alerts me that the ATO are unaware of their true revenue due to their attitude & lack of respect for a paying client. & finally their title is flawed as at us really minus ZZZ removalist as there is absolutely NOTHING AAA about it. Buyer beware. (They also being investigated by the trading ombudsman of NSW) "

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AAA Bills Removalists Sydney

At AAA Bill’s Removalists Group, we are extremely proud of the work we do and the reputation that we have built over the years. We are focused on delivering consistent service to our cherished customers and believe that this starts with our staff.

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