Superhero In Disguise
Northcote, VIC
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Superhero In Disguise


Do you ever wish that a fairy (or Superhero In Disguise) would reliably and efficiently clean your home while you were away? Would you rather spend your time doing anything else except cleaning? Perhaps it's time to engage your very own Superhero In Disguise! Your home cleaning service with fun attitude. Cleaning with a single eco-friendly bound... Tidying like an OCD detail freak... Look! Up in the sky! It's the Superhero Cleaner!


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Abseiling Window Cleaning
Grease Trap Cleaning
Carpet stain removal
Bathroom cleaning
Kitchen cleaning
Room cleaning
Vacuum carpet
Unit and apartment cleaning
Routine cleaning
Oven cleaning
Fridge clean
Garage clean
Toilet cleaning
Stove clean
Tidying and Decluttering
Shower cleaning
Change sheets and linen
Medical Cleaning
End of Lease Commercial Cleaning
Industrial Cleaning
Commercial Refrigeration