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Shailer Park, QLD
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East Coast Carpentry & Concreting


Owner/Operator of East Coast Carpentry and Concreting.
Licensed & Insured for various Industries including:
Structural Retaining Walls
with builder lowrise licence
QBCC licence number 1233643

With over 2 decades experience in different fields related to Building and Construction from domestic to commercial and civil projects, my licencing covers all aspects of building work ranging from (but not limited to) bathroom renovations to concrete driveways and large retaining walls.

I'm able to quote for complete jobs or offer a day or hourly rate should you want to provide materials. I can offer Special Builders rates and discounts depending on the Job Type.

I can work with and organise contractors such as the following:
Block laying

I can also put you in touch with Certifiers.

You may reach me through Email or Call me anytime at eastcoastccqld@yahoo.com.au
or 0432 442 103



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"Very happy with the completion of the job. Scotty is a professional, punctual, prompt communicator. The job was well done and he left the location clean and tidy. I would happily recommend Scotty and his team. Gabby"
from Parkinson, QLD posted a job for Concreters on 22 January 2019

from Holmview, QLD posted a job for Concreters on 26 October 2017

" Scott and his team are very professional , kept us informed every step of the way , with what was happening next and when ..I would recommend Scott to anyone who needs work around their home ,, excellent work exellent people easy to talk to . "
from Salisbury East, QLD posted a job for Tradesman on 23 May 2017

"Incredibly happy and appreciative of Scott's work! Had us feeling very comfortable about the whole process. A genuinely friendly man. "
External Feedback from Mark Austin

"I'm very happy with the job completed by East coast carpentry & concreting.
They turned up when they said they would and were the most affordable.
I'm thrilled with my new retaining wall.

Highly recommend! "
External Feedback from Tanya

"Excellent work & top prices!!!"
External Feedback from Terry Davis

""My partner and I were both thoroughly impressed with the quality of work done by the team from east coast carpentry and concreting especially considering how fast the job was completed. We found Scott to be a very likeable character who was able to understand what we wanted and bring our renovations to life. To finish off an all round pleasurable experience, we were very satisfied with the affordability of their service as some other quotes we received were out of our price range. Highly recommended!""
External Feedback from John

"Multi skilled and licensed, Scotty turned up when he said he would, had a great attitude and provided a very good standard of work at reasonable rates for a retaining, a concreting and a fencing job. I certainly recommend him to anyone looking to have similar work done."
External Feedback from Michelle Kirton

"Scotty is multi skilled, experienced, licensed, honest and very quick to respond. Cannot say enough positive things about his work. Great quality work, top quality guy.
We added and changed stuff throughout the job and he had a no fuss attitude, just happy to help us achieve our end goal. He has many trade contacts as well. Go the Scotty- will have him back again for more work soon."
External Feedback from Danielle Hinton

"We hired Scott to do our driveway in exposed aggregate. He removed our pavers and did the new driveway while we were away on holidays and sealed it, as he advised us this should be done. He insisted that the remaining money be deposited into his account before we had returned. On inspection of the job when we returned there were several cracks and more have appeared. But the worst part is in heavy rain I am unable to get my car up the driveway as it has no traction. Have sent several emails in which he said he would try another product at extra cost to us. Did not come back, have hired someone else to rectify the problem. The problem still exists, still trying to find a solution. Was advised and read elsewhere the driveway should not have been sealed as it is too steep and it would have no traction. No receipt issued for payment of the job"
from Mount Cotton, QLD posted a job for Exposed Aggregate Concrete on 7 March 2016
"It is always recommended that exposed aggregate driveways be sealed for a better finish & to help prevent staining and mildew etc. As your driveway is very steep I suspect that this is your traction problem which was also the cause for the previous driveway pavers slipping down the hill and the reason for you wanting to replace such as it was getting quite bad (as discussed with your husband). I did not alter the profile of your driveway in any way although it was discussed because it was so steep. All final payments are due immediately upon completion of works. We are a small business & cannot hold accounts over as we need to pay for materials used etc. You had someone checking on the work in your absence & it was mutually agreed to be done while you were away to be less of an inconvenience for you. Further to this you requested that I message you once finished so you could deposit payment into my account as you took the cash away with you (which the bank would have provided you with a receipt). The first I heard of any “concerns” was a series of emails as follows: YOUR HUSBAND: “I have a question in regards to our driveway. On really wet days, Helen is unable to drive her Jeep up the driveway as her car has no traction. I also have a problem with my Ford. Is there any product that can be put on top off the sealant to help the tyres to grip it. “ ME: “Hi keith yes there is its a product from parchem you add to sealer and then re seal over the top to add traction we can do or its easy to do yourself parchem on oarramatta rd underwood they will know the right product thanks scotty” YOUR HUSBAND: “Hi Scott, What would you charge for this treatment, and how long before it can be driven on? Regards, Keith” ME: “I will find out tomorrow price of additive and let you know mate” ME: “Hi keith Traction beads in one coat of sealer plus labour $600 thanks scotty” Then I received a Text from your husband saying that’s fine, can we go ahead & do it? I replied that I was very busy & would have to get back to him with a date I could possibly do it which would be sometime in the coming weeks. A couple of weeks later I received another text saying thanks Scotty, but we had someone else do it for us as we needed it done sooner rather than later. I replied No problem. Thanks for letting me know. This feedback post is the first I have heard regarding any concerns with any of the work done. I have not received any communication to advise of any cracking or concerns otherwise. I am a licenced contractor and have been doing this for many years. Should there ever be concerns, all it takes is a quick phone call to discuss such and I would be too happy to call by and discuss any problems or concerns you may have. This does make me wonder if you’ve discussed this matter with your husband as his communications with me seem very different to your feedback as he also requested I do additional work at your property. "



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