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100% owned by Australian! Experience Since 1993.
A leading ICT products & service provider in Melbourne, Australia.
Government security licensed.
Government Cable Licensed (We legally work on ELV systems such as telephone systems, nurse call systems; fire and security alarm systems as well as UTP, Coaxial and Optical fibre cabling systems)
The member of ASIAL(Australian Security Industry Association).
We provide on-site technical support for home & business:
Sale & Service & Solutions for: CCTV Security System, Video Surveillance, Intercom, Alarms and home entertainment systems;
AAW CCTV features:
1. Automatically alarm email / App message with snapshot to your smart phone’s App when motion detected (the motion detected will trigger the alarm email/message (it is better than traditional security alarm because it can keep picture or video as evidence, and even someone takes all the recorder, you still keep the picture as evidence);

2. When motion detected in specific area and specific time, an alarm email with snapshot will be sent to you automatically. So even if the intruder take away the recorder, you still keep the snapshot in email for evidence

3. Support all cameras playback synchronously;

4. Support Dynamic IP address. If ISP (like Telstra, Optus) changes your IP address, you don’t need to re-configure the your mobile or computer for remotely access;

5. Playback recorded video history on your smart phone , or iPad

6. It is very easy to find specific video: you can preview the video before play, and only need to move the mouse to time bar, then you can watch the video! (this method is very important for you to find out the specific video from lots of videos);

7. You can remotely access the CCTV using MAC Safari browser!

Sale & Service & Solutions for: Telephone & Mobile & Internet Access (We are TPG Dealer);
Data Storage Backup/Recovery;
Secure your Computers & Network;
Most of our experts did Doctor research in the Information & Communication Technology field, and have many years experience in ICT industry.
We are government security licensed experts and our experts have worked in the Information & Communication Technologies industry for more than ten years.
We purchased the products directly from manufacturers, so our price is the cheapest and our quality is the best!
Our CCTV systems support DDNS and alarm message email notification (after you set specific time schedule and monitored area, if somebody move there, the system will send you an alarm email with snapshot), free App for iPhone/iPad and Android mobile to remote view and remote playback. I visited its website www.auini.com, find it has all sorts of Analogue / IP cameras and DVR / NVR suitable for all budgets.

Our APP Name at Apple Store is "AAW, which is developed and published under our company name--AAW International Pty Ltd ( If you asked some security provider to install CCTV Security system for you and their app is published only under personal name, not company name, then its service is not guaranteed and it maybe expire some day ). If you would like to enjoy guaranteed service, please choose "ICT Doctor" and "AAW"!

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"ICT Doctor guys installed AAW HD Security&surveillance system for us. They are very friendly, skilled and professional! Well done!"
from Mentone, VIC posted a job for Home Security Systems on 4 June 2019

" Perfect AAW CCTV security cameras from ICT Doctor. It is full HD and has motion detection function: when the area covered by camera changed, it will email me the snapshot automatically. So even someone takes away the whole record, I still have the snapshot in my email as the evidence. It is secure and private during online. I think AAW is better than Hikivision or Dahua."
from Beaumaris, VIC posted a job for CCTV systems on 4 May 2019

" Very professional service and good quality keypad control system. Previously I only knew ICT Doctor provided perfect CCTV security cameras and security alarm system. Now I know ICT Doctor also provide good access control system. Recommend ICT Doctor to all my friends!"
from Black Rock, VIC posted a job for Access Control on 30 April 2019

" My friend recommends ICT Doctor from Serviceseeking to me to install CCTV , because he chose ICT Doctor to installed AAW for his home in Brighton five yeas ago and for his shop in Bentleigh two years ago. All his CCTV security cameras systems are still working well. Today I hired ICT Doctor to install AAW CCTV Security system for my factory. It looks awesome and the guys installed it professionally! Recommend ICT Doctor to everyone who need a security system."
from Mentone, VIC posted a job for Home Security Systems on 21 December 2018

" Very professional service and perfect AAW HD CCTV security camera system! Recommend ICT Doctor and AAW to all my friends."
from Mentone, VIC posted a job for Home Security Systems on 30 November 2018

"Excellent Service. Re-installed our surround sound with new TV. Would highly recommend."
External Feedback from Annette

from Beaumaris, VIC posted a job for Electricians on 17 August 2018

" Very professional and kindly service, finished the job only two hours. I strongly recommend ICT Doctor to everyone for data points installation!"
from Moorabbin, VIC posted a job for Data Cabling on 15 March 2018

"Could improve timeliness, quality of workmanship, professionalism"
from Brighton East, VIC posted a job for Data Cabling on 11 March 2018

from Springvale South, VIC posted a job for Security alarm systems on 19 October 2017

from Highett, VIC posted a job for Data Cabling on 26 March 2017

"Good quality and friendly service."
from Brighton North, VIC posted a job for Data Cabling on 9 October 2016



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