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Sky Archi Studio was established in 2008. Initially operating out of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. After Sky's migrated to Australia, Sky Archi Studio have relocated to Torquay within the City of Greater Geelong in 2011. Sky Archi Studio offers clients a wide variety of experience and expertise gathered by its principals in their Eight years of working in the profession. Sky Archi Studio has successfully been involved in projects in Higher-end Residential, Retails, Showroom, Multi-Residential and Commercial markets.

Sky Archi Studio operates on the principal that a project that is completed on budget and meeting the specific client requirements does not exclude the ability to achieve broader policy and social goals such as sustainability or universal access. Sky Archi Studio approaches all of our projects armed with the understanding that we have a dual responsibility of meeting the brief for our clients and delivering a project which understands and responds to its wider market conditions, social obligations and the needs of the end users.

Consistency in the management of our projects and the systematic undertaking of the required tasks ensures Sky Archi Studio maintains a high level of quality in all of our projects. This remains true from large development projects through to small residential renovations. Through the involvement in a project from the initial design right through to the post project delivery Sky Archi Studio strives to ensure that the quality of our projects are always considered and maintained. Lessons learnt through this process are constantly integrated within all of our decisions to ensure the best possible outcome is achieved.

The development of sustainable buildings can never be successful if sustainability is considered an add-on feature of a project. Decisions made at the outset of the project often have the greatest influence on the success or otherwise of creating a sustainable outcome. While the siting of a building and the specification of the materials used in a project are important, truly sustainable buildings engage with their occupants to collectively achieve sustainable outcomes.



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