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Need a facilitator to help ease the burden of the compliance challenges that you need to manage? Whether you run the family finances or a big business, Poetic Reports can help you.

The Communication Bridge: Do you have an important and urgent compliance task (e.g. tax return lodgement, financial statement preparation, legal claim, loan application, etc.)? I offer a communication bridge service between you and your trusted adviser in order to ensure that the job is completed efficiently and on time and that we give the best value for your money. You also get to save time as you only need to talk to one person. We collect, collate, present information together, and can even prepare working papers in a professional manner. Because of this, we are able to complete the task much more efficiently and ensure fast turnaround.

The Record: Today most accounting packages are stagnant, "off the shelf" products that may not suit your needs all the time. It is akin to forcing a square peg down a circle hole. I design custom accounting packages perfectly tailored to your small business and based on your needs and wants.

I also offer custom administration templates, spreadsheets, and documents for the household and for small to medium sized enterprises.

This enables efficient, accurate, timely, and easy to use reporting of the past for your household and/or business.

The Mirror: Based on financial data/topic presented, I am able to draft a professional business plan, budget, analysis of historical performance. These reports help identify potential for cost savings, earnings generation, and time saving that help increase satisfaction. These reports can be tailored to any individual (regardless of income level) or business (regardless of size).

The Community: Become part of our community and we will connect you to all the right people to help solve your problem. You will be part of and can use this trusted network of advisers. Just call us when a problem is apparent, and we will connect to you to a trusted person within "the community" who can solve it.

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