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Radius Carpet & Tile Cleaning has been in the carpet and tile cleaning and commercial/industrial cleaning industry for more than twenty years.

We are a family owned and operated business and are certified in carpet cleaning. We have top of the line truck mounted steam cleaning equipment as well as portable carpet cleaning machines if the situation requires it.

We offer competitive pricing, and we guarantee our work. We pride ourselves in providing honest, trustworthy service and will take care of your property as we do our own.

Services offered:
• Carpet Steam Cleaning
• Office Carpet Cleaning
• Odor Removal
• Rug/Mattress Cleaning
• Steam Cleaning
• Tile Cleaning
• Carpet & Fabric Protection
• Carpet Deodorising
• Upholstery Cleaning

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"Good morning Abby, thanks heaps for leaving me the positive feedback. I appreciate having you as a customer and for the review. I look forward to working with you in the future. Regards, Chase"
"Hello Viv... I appreciate you taking the time to write a review for me. Thank you Chase "

"Chase was extremely professional and delivered a quality job. You certainly get what you pay for with Radiuscarpetcleaning."
from Narre Warren South, VIC posted a job for Upholstery Cleaning on 16 March 2020

"Great Job done on difficult carpet stains "
from Clyde North, VIC posted a job for Carpet Cleaning on 2 February 2020

from Moorooduc, VIC posted a job for Carpet Cleaning on 27 November 2018

"Could improve communication, completing the work, quality of workmanship, professionalism, timeliness"
from Narre Warren, VIC posted a job for Carpet Cleaning on 10 August 2019
"Below I will address each point that my customer graded me with 1 out of 5 stars. "Could improve communication, completing the work, quality of workmanship, professionalism and timeliness." I will address each issue below and let you be the judge. Could Improve Communication: From the moment the customer listed the job online my communication was solid. I responded to the add within 2-4 minutes. As a certified, qualified, insured steam cleaner, I can promise you that communication was very clear. I have more than enough communication documented via text messages to back this. When I figured out that the home had no exterior water tap I communicated this to the wife. I also communicated that I did not like to connect to water sources inside of the home because water can leak, which it ended up doing. I communicated to the wife that I would be extract the water from the carpet and the other moisture would evaporate overnight. I then communicated to the husband that I was not able to complete the job due to having no water supply. I used the remaining water inside of my tank to complete the living/dining room upstairs as well as remove a large stain from the bedroom as I knew the customer’s main reason for having the carpets cleaned was to remove this stain. He stated quite clearly that my main focus should be removing the stain, which I did remove (the previous sentence also speaks directly against his complain of poor quality of workmanship). I will add the before and after pictures in my gallery and name them Proof of Workmanship. Completing the Work/Workmanship: I always tell my customers that I will need to connect to a water tap preferably at the front of the house. When I did so I was not told that there was no exterior water tap. When I discovered there was not exterior water tap I communicated this to the customer. She asked if there was any way for me to do the job and offered that there was a water tap in the laundry room and toilet areas she thought. I asked her if she would ask one of her downstairs neighbours to hook into their exterior water source at their patio and she said she would not because she did not know them. I then communicated that I did not like to connect a water source inside of the home because if it leaks it could wet the carpet. She then gave me the go ahead to proceed to hook up the water source in the laundry room. I communicated that if any water does leak that I would use the Water Claw to remove the majority of the water. After completing my set up I turned the water tap on and observed it. There was a very small trickle of water so I tightened the fitting and the trickle ceased. I then started steam cleaning the upstairs living/dining after moving a (6) seater dining room table and a 4-5 seater sofa with attached chaise lounge before doing so. The customer received this service at no charge. once the job was completed I then moved the (6) seater dining room table back on to the carpet and placed moisture barriers beneath all table legs to prevent and colour transfer. I then went downstairs to check the water tap. I then noticed that the water had managed to leak. I shut the water off and immediately communicated this to the customer and expressed "this is why I don’t like to connect to interior water taps." She did not comment. I told her that would remover the clean water that had leaked onto the carpet, which I spent 45 minutes doing. Completing the work: After removing the water stain I communicated to the customer that I would not be able to complete the job because I no longer had a water source since the interior access leaked and there was not option to use an exterior tap. I also communicated to her that I would complete as much of the job as possible with the water still inside of my water tank stored in my truck mounted cleaning system. I adjusted my water usage to maximize the water left. I was then able to remove the stain in the master bedroom which was the primary focus of the customer as he expressed to me several times. Once the stain was removed there was less than a litre left in my water tank which means I could not complete the job. I had not yet pre-sprayed the downstairs and the customer had not yet moved any items from the rooms as she was tending to her baby. All in all the only reason the work was not completed was that the customer was unable to provide an exterior water tap, which is out of my control. Professionalism: I was very professional from start to finish. I offered by text message to return to the job the following day with a portable unit to complete the job, but the customer declined and claimed I was making excuses in reference to getting permission from his wife to use the interior water tap. The fair thing to do is find a solution, but apparently this customer just wanted to be upset and wasn't looking for a viable solution for both parties. Since I spent 2.5 hours on the job and successfully removed the stain and cleaned the carpets in the upstairs living dining room I communicated to the wife that the charge would be only $50, which was fair. The husband then communicated that he would transfer the money when he got home but was very disappointed and would be giving me a terrible review even though I offered to return the very next day to complete the entire job for just the one-time fee of $50(barely covered petrol and stain removal solutions). It doesn't get any more professional than that. Anyone can see my extensive reviews on all online forums that my quality of workmanship is excellent. I am certified which means I have taken the necessary courses and passed an extensive test. As certified technicians we are held to a very high standard of workmanship. Timeliness: I was timely in my arrival. The appointment was set to begin between 11-12 and I arrived at 12. I called the wife to let me in the gate and she had to put the baby away while she found the gate remote and come out and let me in. I have it documented on my phone that I was there on time and called to get access. The husband texted me at 12:08 asking where I was and I messaged back that I had already called his wife to ask for access to the property. All tradespeople give a window of arrival because we have numerous other customers who have expectations. We have to meet and exceed those expectations before moving on to the next customer as well as overcome traffic and other unpreventable delays. "

"Great job by Chase, very professional and my rugs and couch looked like new! "
from Hampton, VIC posted a job for Carpet Cleaning on 7 July 2019

"Chase was friendly, competent and did an excellent job"
from Beaumaris, VIC posted a job for Carpet Cleaning on 24 June 2019

"Brilliant job! Efficient, friendly, and would definitely recommend. I’ll use Chase again without a doubt! Thank you :)"
from Cranbourne East, VIC posted a job for Carpet Cleaning on 10 April 2019



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