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With 30 years of experience, Superior offers the best carpet cleaning service in Wollongong. We clean carpets and upholstery for residential and commercial customers throughout the Illawarra region!

Why are we different?
Our unique 3-stage carpet cleaning system blends the best features of dry and steam cleaning, so you get a better clean that lasts longer. With Superior, your carpets will...

Look cleaner on the surface
Be cleaner deep down, and
Stay cleaner for longer!

If you want to see your carpets fresh and bright, give us a call and experience the Superior difference! The following discussion describes the typical carpet cleaning problems and how they are overcome with Superior's unique carpet cleaning system.

Factors that lead to Dirty Carpets
At Superior we deeply understand carpet cleaning and the factors that lead to dirty carpets. Most people vacuum their carpets regularly but dirt tends to accumulate in them regardless. If you're carpets don't look as clean as you desire, or they become dirty all too quickly, please read on.

Regular Vacuuming (between professional cleans)
Regularly cleaning your carpet with a well-functioning vacuum cleaner is important for maintaining your carpet. Unfortunately many household vacuum cleaner do not work as as well as they should. Not good for your carpet or for your family! See our Carpet Care Tips and Advice which includes information on regular carpet vacuuming.

Dry Cleaning
Dry Cleaning involves a spray and wipe process leaving your carpets looking great but ignoring deep down dirt and grime. A further problem is that significant amounts of the dry cleaning chemicals are left behind afterwards. Beginning with a powerful industrial vacuum improves results, but dry cleaning simply doesn't deliver the deep cleaning most people want.

Steam Cleaning
The method of steam cleaning is otherwise known as hot water extraction. This method generally does a good job of getting to the deep down dirt. The main problem is that detergents and water commonly get left behind. Problems such as wet or even stretched carpets can be the result. Steam cleaning certainly delivers useful results but its problems provide need for concern!

Sticky Residue
Professional carpet cleaning, dry or steam, involves the use of detergents and chemicals to assist the dirt removal process. As mentioned, a big problem with these methods is that in most cases the chemicals used are not thoroughly removed. When the carpet dries, a sticky residue forms, which holds onto new dirt. Because new dirt adheres to chemical residues, household vacuum cleaners are unable to dislodge most of it. This means your carpets will not stay clean for very long.

The Quest for Better Carpet Cleaning
When we started out 30 years ago, we experimented with the various methods of carpet cleaning. As you can tell, we really weren't impressed with any of the available methods.

Because we wanted the best results for our clients, we continued to search for a better carpet cleaning solution. Our experiences prompted us to ask the interesting question: what would happen if we combined the different methods withing the same clean? We tried it out, and… Eureka! The results were fantastic, and the Superior 3-stage carpet cleaning system was born!

Superior’s 3-stage Carpet Cleaning System
We do not rely on one method alone because we found that each method has its shortcomings. Superior utilises the strengths inherent in each of the carpet cleaning methods. Because of our unique 3-stage carpet cleaning system we are able to deliver fantastic results for our clients.

First, we vacuum the carpet with the world’s best vacuum cleaner, the Filter Queen.
Next, using the ultimate heavy-duty pre-spray, we dry clean to brighten and re-invigorate surface fibres.
Finally, we finish with our low moisture steam cleaning process. Because it's detergent-free, it removes the dry cleaning chemicals along with the deep down dirt, leaving your carpet awesomely clean!

The Superior benefits

There are three ways your carpets will be cleaner when you have them cleaned by us:
Surface fibres will be cleaner, so carpets look great!
Your carpet’s pile will be clean, deep down to the base!
Your carpets will stay cleaner for longer because there will be no stickiness to hold onto new dirt!

Commercial Carpet Cleaning
We're proud to serve commercial as well as residential customers. Whether you have an office, a department store or a hotel, Superior works quickly with fantastic results. Our unique system refreshes carpets, removing allergens and odours, making your business premises brighter, safer and more comfortable.

Upholstery and Leather Cleaning
The Superior method isn't just great for carpets - it's also ideal for fabric upholstery! If you need to brighten a well-loved lounge suite or refresh your car interior, Superior are the people to call. We'll clean your upholstery to remove ground-in dirt and unpleasant odours, giving your valuable possessions a new lease on life.

Do you have leather upholstery? We also offer Professional leather cleaning and conditioning. Our by-hand process removes any treatable stains, then finishes with a leather conditioner for an excellent look.

What you can do to care for your carpet
There's still plenty you can do to care for your valuable carpets between professional cleans. See Carpet Care Tips and Advice for ways to keep your carpets in great condition for as long as possible.

Who to contact?
Superior Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning is a family business! We are brothers Frank and Harry Sattin. We have been in the carpet cleaning business for 30 years and our over-riding philosophy is to always act in the customer’s best interests. Call us on (02) 4271 4008 (office) or 0488 181 880 (mobile), or fill out the online contact form here http://www.superiorcarpetcleaners.com.au/contact.php

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"Stains that previous carpet cleaners couldn’t remove came up perfect!"
from North Wollongong, NSW posted a job for Carpet Cleaning on 21 November 2017

"They did a fantastic job and highly recommend their service"
from Figtree, NSW posted a job for Carpet Cleaning on 8 September 2016

"Thankyou Frank for a brilliant job on my carpets - you made them look like brand new! "
from Coniston, NSW posted a job for Carpet Cleaning on 11 August 2014