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Meadow Heights, VIC
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Green Zone Construction


Over 30 Years experience in the building industry.
Registered builder with Unlimited Classification, with full insurance.
We use only top tradesmen and materials and specialise in multi unit developments and extensions/renovations.


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External Feedback from Daryl
"Thanks Daryl, it was a pleasure doing work for you."

"Could improve timeliness, professionalism"
from Richmond North, VIC posted a job for Tradesman on 29 August 2017
"Shaun arranged his own demolition (rear of the house) prior to the extension that Green Zone construction was to commence. Shaun is a civil engineer by the way and works for Lend Lease as a project manager! Shauns’ demolitions removed all the stumps from the rear of the house, which was under the main load bearing wall. This left the rear of the house hanging, which left the flooring, walls and roof distorted and caused damage, which Green Zone had to fix and Shaun refused to pay for or allow additional time, for the repairs. He also over excavated the site, therefore left it with no natural drainage, leaving it looking like a swamp, again causing delays and extra cost to Green Zone, which he also refused to pay for or allow extra time for the damage he caused. The plans he supplied, had so many mistakes that the drawings had to be re-engineered, redrawn and building permits re-issued, more times than I can remember, in fact there are almost 40 cases of individual mistakes that had to be rectified. Add to this the fact that the garage wall alone had to be re-engineered 5 times, due to the plans we were given, before it could be built. This is after Shaun being told that the plans he was providing were inadequate on numerous occasions. Then, while we were building the frames, Shaun changed his mind about the window manufacturer he wanted to use, which required us to rebuild the frames for the new companys’ window sizes. Once we made the changes, Shaun then decided that he wanted the original windows back, so we had to rebuild the walls again. Of course Shaun did not and has not paid for any of the extra costs or allowed for the extra time required. He changed his mind about the cladding on the upstairs extension, after it had been installed and painted. We removed all the cladding, and replaced it with his new cladding and is refusing to pay for it. He carried out numerous unauthorised works, on the weekends, without my knowledge, including removing existing weatherboards, tiling, installing hydronic system, solar system, painting, plastering the front of the house, re-stumping without a permit, all without my knowledge or permission, just to name a few. There are numerous other incidents that I could bore you with but the upshot is that Shaun has caused over $140,000.00 in cost blowouts and over 9 months in delays and then blames Green Zone Construction for his actions. I don’t know how this person could be made happy. Not sure it’s in his nature. In fact he is such a spiteful, angry man that he wrote to my warranty insurer with false accusations to cause problems with them and of course a negative revue on this site. He has even taken legal action against his pensioner neighbour next door, so he could take some of his land, which he had no right to and has caused the neighbour thousands of dollars in legal costs. I wish I did not have to defend myself against such a spiteful man, as I prefer to be reasonable with my clients but I guess we are all wired differently. "