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At Full of Beans, we want to help you get lots from your very own Organic Kitchen Garden. Lots of pleasure and play, lots of produce of course, and lots of PHBs (we call these Positive Health Benefits).

When we talk with you about the design of your garden, you’ll discover that we specialise in ‘self-wicking’ gardens and will use precious organic compost for your Organic Kitchen Garden. We can landscape your entire space or just help you start that Kitchen Garden you know you ought to have for oh-so-many reasons.

Unique to our service is the Ongoing Care we provide once your garden is created. We like to ensure you can enjoy fresh organic vegetables and herbs from your veggie patch in all seasons and discover your very own set of PHBs.

Of course, the kitchen is the destiny of much of your home-grown vegetables, so there will be lots of culinary and resourceful preservation ideas to share among the Full of Beans community. Just watch the Kitchen Garden Inspired pages for our growing collection of contributions!

The goal of Full of Beans Organic Kitchen Gardens is to create a small community of sharing organic home growers who care about taste, health, and the origin of their food. We hope you’ll be a part of the Full of Beans community too and know how it feels to be truly Full of Beans!

Caring for your Organic Kitchen Garden

Once we’ve got you started with the design and creation of your very own Organic Kitchen Garden, we want you to enjoy fresh organic goodness all year round from your garden. Our affordable Ongoing Care visits are available as a fortnightly service (or in the form of online support) where we oversee the success of your kitchen garden and share in your satisfaction as you delight in the convenience of daily harvests from your own Organic Kitchen Garden.

We encourage you to be involved in the care of your garden providing you with our observations on the progress and changing needs of your Kitchen Garden so that you too can confidently play your part and learn through the sustainable practice of Organic Care. All the while you can rest assured that the essential routine care is being carried out as part of the Ongoing Care service Full of Beans will provide for you.

Ongoing Care is focused on maintaining the health of your soil to help grow strong resilient plants. Companion planting strategies and continual soil improvement to maintain a thriving life within the soil are seen as key in fostering this resilience. The addition of organic matter through organic compost, manures, seasonal mulching, green manure crops, and the use of varied organic feed inputs such as seaweed, fish, and worm juice tonics and amino acid solutions all contribute to a productive Organic Kitchen Garden.

Harvesting with Purpose

Of course the kitchen is the destiny of much of your home-grown, vegetables so there will be lots of culinary and resourceful preservation tips to share among the Full of Beans community. We understand that growing to your health and dietary needs is important, and through the seasons, we will work together to see that we are growing all your favourites. Opportunities to celebrate great seasonal taste will be aplenty with the regular sharing of taste discoveries from both the garden and the kitchen by Full of Beans customers in our Kitchen Garden Inspired section where contributions will be available for all to try.

Eating Organic food is important.

The health benefits for young children are especially worth considering given their greater food intake relative to body weight ratio and the developmental stage their bodies are in which logically sees them more susceptible to the small measures of toxins in conventional food. Getting the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants our bodies crave and doing it safely is what eating organic is all about, both for those of us seeking everyday good health or loved ones seeking restorative health strategies.

Call us today for more information on setting up your own organic garden!

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