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Joe Arena CPEng is a sole practioner located in Glen Forrest, Perth Hills district, offering consulting civil and structural engineering design services.

Joe Arena CPEng is a quality provider of civil and structural engineering design services.

Why use a structural engineer?

Structural Engineers are often asked to look at structural problems with buildings. These can be problems involving the foundations and/or the walls and/or the roof structure. As a general rule Structural Engineers do not normally look at the non-structural elements of the building (electrics, plumbing, carpets, decoration etc).

Properties built over granular ground are usually fairly stable structures but when built over shrinkable clay soils, problems can occur if the foundations are not made deep enough. Cracks in walls can indicate the need for costly repairs in the future but sometimes cracks can turn out to be no problem at all. Roof structures sometimes begin to sink under the weight of roof tiles above and expert repairs are often needed. Problems with chimneys are another area where expert help from a Structural Engineer can be useful.

Why Chartered?

A Chartered Structural Engineer is a suitably qualified professional person who deals with the design, construction and maintenance of buildings. He or she will be a member, or a fellow, of the Institution of Engineers Australia and will have one of the following sets of initials after his or her name; MIEAust, FIEAust.

Building related structural certification and specifications will only be accepted by local council if carried out by a Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng) that is on the National Professional Engineer Register (NPER).

Joe Arena CPEng offers a prompt, efficient and friendly professional service. No job considered too small or too large.

Sole Practitioner Offering The Following Expert Services
Structural design of domestic,
industrial and commercial buildings
Structural building modifications and additions
Structural calculations in steel, concrete, timber and brickwork to Australian Standards
Foundation Design & Underpinning
Design of retaining walls and footings
Design of concrete swimming pools
Design of timber roofs and pergolas
Design of sheds and car ports
Structural inspections and assessment reports
Pre-purchase structural building certificates
Structural Inspection Certificates for local council submission
Architectural and engineering plans for local council submission

Joe Arena degree qualified chartered professional engineer (CPEng) with +30 years design experience in the field of civil and structural engineering.

A chartered member of Engineers Australia (MIEAust) and National Professional Engineer Register (NPER) registrant 24918.

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