Renovation Consumer Price Index

Value Still Exists Despite Rising Prices

By Sam
With 's Renovation Consumer Price Index (RCPI) revealing that the price of Tili...

Western Australia Suffer Price Increases in the Renovation Sector

By Sam 's Renovation Consumer Price Index (RCPI) holds some pressing information ...

Tips and Advice

Hire a painter for your kitchen cabinets

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Revamping your kitchen doesn’t need to be too drastic and expensive. Always remember that a simple...

Hiring furniture removalists in winter

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Moving house in winter might sound like a total hassle, but it’s a good alternative if you want to...

Landscaping tips and tricks for small yards

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This may not be the best season to experiment with your garden, but you can definitely start plannin...

Pricing Guides

5 factors that affect the cost of furniture removal

By Arianne Zagala
Moving day can be a horrible experience if you do everything on your own. Good thing there are now n...

Renovation Consumer Price Index for Q4 2014

By Tim Veron
This latest Renovation Consumer Price Index compares the change in prices of ten renovation industri...

Case Studies

For Fortune Timber Flooring It Is All In The Personal touch

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Speaking to Anton from Fortune Timber Flooring, it is easy to understand why his business is one of ...

With Colourshades Photography it’s less about the business and more about the people

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Listed on 's Top Australian Photographer page, Ketha Ledchu of Colourshade...

Cool Stuff

Pergola, Patio or Gazebo: What’s the Difference?

By Guest Blogger
Outdoor living is at its premium with more households making it a priority to have the perfect outdo...

June $1,000 Giveaway Winner

By admin
Yola from Heidelberg, Vic is the lucky winner of June's $1,000 giveaway draw. She listed an ironing ...

Awesome garden design ideas for small spaces

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The cold season may have kicked off, but this is not an excuse to neglect your garden. If you’ve g...

Business Centre

How to become a licensed electrician

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The electrical industry offers a lifelong career. With new technologies developed and introduced eve...

Photographing children: no child’s play

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Photographing children is one of the most challenging jobs, since kids are often spontaneous and unp...