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How to paint house exterior walls Image source: Flickr by Louisville House Painters / CC BY-ND 2.0

How to Paint House Exterior Walls

After whole your house exterior walls paint will start to chip, peel, and wear and tear. You will, therefore, need to refresh your exteriors painting to restore your home’s vibrancy. There is a lot of preparation that you need to put in place before you can start painting the house. This is not a step to skip if you want your paint job to come out professionally.

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Plan the workers you’ll need

You will obviously not have to plan the workers if you hire a professional painter. He will do the work for you. There are many activities to be planned including preparing the surface, cleaning and even preparing the meals for the workers. Below are a few key personnel you will need during your painting project:

  • Cutters – You will need somebody with an experienced hand to paint the edges around the fascia and wall corners. Ensure that the cutter you give this job is properly skilled to avoid doing a poor, wavy, and jagged job. Cutting in is a skill learnt on the job by professional painters.
  • Trimmers – Trimming is an activity that requires skilled tradesmen. The trimmers will trim the enamel on windows baseboard and door frames.
  • Project coordinator – This is the person who will take care of the needs of the workforce including fetching drinks, making sandwiches, rushing to the store for last minute tools, arranging for lunch and dinner, making phone calls, getting directions, washing the brushes, etc.
  • Rollers – Rollers are the people who will do the painting after the cutters and trimmers have done their work. You don’t need a lot of them as they can cover the ground very quickly.
  • Caulkers – These are the people who will do the repairs on the holes by filling in the cracks with spackling. Remember that the job must be done before you start painting and the spackling must be allowed enough time to dry.

Wash the house exterior

Always remember to wash the exterior walls get rid of dirt and grime before you start painting. Most of the time a simple wash with either a pump sprayer or a hose and a scrub with a brush is enough. However, there times that you will need professional help with the power washer to ensure that you do a superior cleaning.

Unless you are familiar with washing using a power washer, you are advised to not to use it because it may destroy house wood siding or the house trim if used incorrectly.

Remove chipped and flaking paint

If the house has not been painted for a long time, there will be bubbling, blistering, or flaking paint. You need to get rid of this paint by scraping. Remove these parts so that they do not present a problem when you start painting.

Sand the exterior walls

The ultimate goal for painting is to get the most beautiful and cleanest exterior walls. You will use sanding is a way to smooth the bumps and lumps that will look strange if you apply a fresh coat of paint over them.

Patch and fill holes

What time the walls will be affected by the elements of adverse weather. You will, therefore, need to do some repairs before I start painting the exterior walls. And sure you repair the rotten wood, replace the damaged pieces, and fix any dimes that might make your paint job look ridiculous.

Caulking and sealing

To prevent any water or air from leaking into the house, you need to call and seal any openings. This is the most important prepping process when you intend to get a well maintained, and non-rotting, and beautiful exterior wall. Ensure that the windows, openings, and cracks are not leaking and letting moisture into the interior of the house. If the problem of leaking is very severe, you can use professionals to do the industrial caulking.

Use a paintbrush for better precision

Although paint sprayers are great in experienced hands, they can be messy if they are used by an inexperienced person. To increase the accuracy of the painter, it is advisable to use a paintbrush especially on areas such as moldings and trims. You can use a roller for the large doors, and wall sidings. Care of the paint brushes after using them by washing off any paint and storing them in good condition.

Start from the top

Starting from the top serves two purposes. Fast, you’ll go down the ladder instead of working your way up. Secondly, when you are prepping and scraping the surface to be painted, the debris will start falling. Thirdly, painting from the top prevents the messy drips or missing spots when you are applying the primer or the paint.

Paint on a clear day

You do not want to repeat your paint job after a heavy downpour. Only paint on a day with clear weather so that the paint can be allowed enough time to dry to withstand bad weather.

Image source: Flickr by Olger Fallas / CC BY-ND 2.0

Avoid the sun

Do not paint under the direct sunlight. It is much advisable to follow the shade of your house as you paint. In addition to the discomfort that you will get when painting under direct sunlight, the strong heat can be a problem to the paint because it causes bubbling and therefore adhesion issues. In short what we mean is that if it is sunny on the east side of your house, you should start painting from the west side and vice versa.

Painting process

  • Always start with the most challenging walls
  • Using a two-inch angled brush, start by painting your corners and around the trim
  • Paint a border of at least 2 or 3 inches from the edges, doors, and mouldings
  • Use an angled brush to ensure paint is evenly spread on the walls
  • Use a roller to paint the walls after the trimmers have done their job

Clean up

  • Ensure all your materials are cleaned and properly disposed of


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