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Benefits of steel colorbond roofing Photo: Epic firewokrs

10 Amazing Benefits of Using Colorbond Roofs

Colorbond roofs are steel-coated roofing material manufactured by Bluescope Steel.

With over 50 years since the first production, Colorbond is a proven provider for roofing material in Australia.

Colorbond boasts over five decades of testing and improvement in Australia’s harshest conditions, making it more than just your basic corrugated metal roof!

Why Colorbond is the Best Roofing Option for You

Colorbond roofing has gained popularity and risen to be the top roofing option for most Australian homes because it not only offers long-lasting protection from the elements but also helps raise the value of the home.

If you’re looking to replace your roof, Colorbond is the way to go!

Here are the benefits of making Colorbond your roofing material of choice:

The Amazing Benefits of Colorbond Roofs

Colorbond Roofing is Lightweight

One of the most distinctive features of Colorbond is its weight (or lack thereof). Colorbond roofs weigh a mere fraction of other roofing materials. It’s only 1/10th the weight of roofing tiles!

This super lightweight feature makes Colorbond installation faster and more cost-effective!

Unlike other roofing materials, Colorbond does not change weight in wet conditions. While other materials might absorb some rainwater and become heavier, water runs right off Colorbond roofs.

This feature ensures a lot less stress on the roof framing, walls, foundations, and your wallet.

Colorbond Roofs are Weather Resistant

Colorbond roofing is specially made to withstand even the harshest Australian climate.

It’s not only tested in labs, but also in outdoor facilities across Australia to ensure the best performance no matter the weather.

Rest easy with Colorbond because no matter the climate, Colorbond is designed and built to hang tough.

Colorbond Roofs are Corrosion-Resistant

Acid rain and torrential downpours might cause heavy corrosion in other metal roofs. But Colorbond’s unique five layer design keeps it looking good as new for much longer.

Colorbond’s five-layer protection system includes:

  • A steel base manufactured to Australian standards
  • A Bluescope metallic coating layer for enhancing corrosion resistance
  • A pre-treatment layer for better adhesion of further coatings
  • A corrosion-inhibiting primer
  • A topcoat of exterior paint with reflective technology

These layers ensure deep and long-lasting protection against corrosive agents. They also keep your Colorbond roof colourfast for longer.

Colorbond Offers Up to 36 Years’ Warranty

When you choose Colorbond roofing materials, you make a wise investment decision on your home, and also secure that investment.

As of writing, Bluescope Steel offers a wide range of warranty options for Colorbond steel valid for up to 36 years.

Colorbond roofs are clearly built to last.

With Colorbond as your choice in roofing material, you’ll have peace of mind for decades to come. Apply for your Colorbond roofing steel warranty here.

Colorbond Provides High Design Flexibility

Colorbond roofs come in a wide range of different shades and colours.

With 22 colours to pick from, you’re sure to find one that perfectly matches your home.

On top of this, you also have a rich selection of profiles to choose from to suit the design of your home.

You can curve, shape, or even use straightened sheets to suit your home’s aesthetic, whether it’s contemporary, traditional or heritage.

Colorbond roofs have something for every style of home.

Colorbond Offers Great Value for Money

Colorbond roofs are easy to maintain. In most cases, all you need to do is a little washing, at least every six months, with fresh water. Something a bit of rain provides for free!

Ensure that there is no debris on the roof, and the gutters are clean, and you’re all set.

Colorbond roofs also don’t need painting as often as other metal roofs. As the name suggests, the colour is bonded directly to the metal itself. This union prevents any peeling, chipping and cracking, and therefore less frequent roof painting.

To keep your roof in tip-top shape, schedule an annual inspection from a professional.

Get ahead of any issues before they turn into problems and save yourself money.

Colorbond Roofs are Energy-Efficient

The colour of a building’s roof can directly affect the cooling and heating bills of a household.

Lighter-coloured roofs (with lower solar absorbance) reflect more heat off your home compared to darker-coloured roofs (high solar absorbance) during those blistering summer days and help cool your home.

Colorbond roofing sheets take advantage of this through a technology called Thermatech.

Thermatech technology helps insulate your home and reduce heat radiation from the roof.

The thermal efficient Colorbond roofs with lower solar absorbance reduce strain on your air conditioner, which helps save you money by reducing heating and cooling bills.

Here are a couple of fast facts about Colorbond roofs:

  • 21 of the 22 Colorbond roofing colours feature Thermatech solar reflectance technology.
  • 5 out of the 22 colours available for Colorbond roofs qualify as solar reflective roofing under the Green Star Communities tool.

Colorbond Roofs are Suitable for ALL roof pitches

Colorbond roofs are great for all homes regardless of the roof pitch.

They are an ideal choice for houses with little or no pitch because unlike other roofing material, water will not pool on Colorbond roofs.

The metal bonded paint finish seals it from moisture meaning water runs right off.

The lightweight and sturdy material of Colorbond roofs also mean reduced structural-weight strain – a quality that allows for greater spanning, and fewer columns in your home to hold up the roof – great for more versatile and open floor spaces.

Colorbond Roofs are Fireproof

Colorbond roofs are the most advanced roofing material available and provide excellent protection against bush fires.

Colorbond roofing and related material are compliant for use in the most extreme bushfire zones.

Being incombustible, they will not catch fire, even when struck by lightning during severe electrical storms.

Colorbond helps secures your home from the worst nature throws at you, and by doing so protects your home and everything inside.

Colorbond Roofs are Environmentally Friendly

Colorbond roofs are 100% recyclable. Steel, the critical component of Colorbond roofs, is one of the most recycled products on the planet.

Colorbond roofs are highly efficient to transport and contribute less on-site waste, reducing the impact on the building site.

When you choose Colorbond, you are contributing to a sustainable home and a greener planet.

The many benefits offered by Colorbond roofing material makes it a stylish addition any discerning buyer or homeowner would look for.

Colorbond roofs remain colourfast and look brighter for longer. A feature that makes your home look more appealing to potential buyers.

Upgrade your roof to Colorbond to elevate your home and perhaps even land your next buyer.

Colorbond roofs promise decades of service and protection from the elements.

And with the right care and maintenance, a Colorbond roof is one of the most effective ways to improve the street appeal of your most prized asset.