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Sam from ARMS decking

Sam from ARMS Allround Maintenance Services

We have gained so much work and exposure from your site

ARMS Allround Maintenance Services is a NSW Central Coast business that focus on general maintenance, building such as fencing, decking, balconies and creative landscaping. has been with Sam and his team from the very beginning and has helped build their business from almost nothing to a viable, full time, financially secure business.

“ was the first thing we set up when we created our own business a few months ago. We have gained so much work and exposure from your site. We make sure the first thing we do when we wake up and get ready for the day is reply to any new quotes and we find that getting in quickly helps us show how keen and reliable we are.”

Sam says one of the most helpful aspects of is the way it connects you to new customers.

“We have won over 30 customers now in a very short time period. We have picked up both one off and regular jobs which is amazing and built relationships with a corporate company that will give us ongoing work.”

Sam was surprised by how effective and affordable advertising through was in comparison to other channels he had used in the past.

“We started our profile on your site as one of many advertising channels, but have found that your site along with an email campaign and Facebook profile has been sufficient in building enough work for my company to thrive on. The cost we spend per month is worth it, we only really need 1 small job to cover the cost of advertising with you.”

While Sam had heard from other colleagues in his industry about the benefits of, he was not expecting such fast results, and encourages other small businesses to join and see for themselves.

“Give a try. No contracts so you won’t lose out. Make sure you get on top of quotes and reply to customers every day so you win the work and actively ask and even remind customers to leave feedback to build up your profile, then when they do leave feedback, make sure to thank them for their time in leaving a review as that is the last form of contact they will have with you on the job so make it a positive one so the first thing they think about when they want someone in the future is you.”



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