Posting guidelines for the new feedback system

The following guidelines apply for both customers leaving feedback and businesses responding to a review left on their profile.

1. Keep it clean.

We won’t accept profanity, obscene or crude language, personal insults, racial slurs, and similar language.

2. Remain professional.

Feedback and response should only discuss things directly related to the quality of the job and service provided. Don’t reveal personal information or anything irrelevant to the job.

3. Don’t leave threats.

It can be frustrating to receive bad service or a negative review. But whether you’re a customer or business, leaving a threatening message — legal, personal, or otherwise — in your feedback or response won’t be tolerated.

4. Don’t abuse the feedback system.

As a customer, you can’t threaten a business with negative feedback unless they provide you bonus services. As a business, you can’t withhold your services unless the customer leaves you positive feedback.