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What colorbond colour is paperbark? Image source: empirefencing

What Colorbond Colour Is Paperbark?

Paperbark is warm, sandy colour. The inspiration comes from the paperbark tree which has whitish, papery bark. This tree is native to Australia, and so is this colour. These warm tones are perfect for every Australian environment.

Image source: metricfencing

It matches the urban setting, just as well as it matches the lush bushland or the coastal areas. This versatility of use is probably what makes Paperbark one of the most commonly used colorbond colours for the colorbond fencing.

The other reason may be the fact that it goes well with all other colours, especially if they have at least a little bit of warm tones in them. Sometimes, it can work with cool tones, as well, but warm tones are a better match.

When you look at all the colorbond colours categories, you will find the Paperbark in the Classic category, as well as the Fencing category. If you like Paperbark, but you feel it is not 100% what you had in mind, then you should take a look at Domain, Riversand or Jasper. Sometimes, experienced colorbond fence installation experts can help you with this choice.

Domain has the similar hue like Paperbark. While Paperbark is more neutral and pale, Domain is a bit more vibrant. It adds a bit of yellow into the equation and works just as well alone as in different combinations.

Riversand is darker than Paperbark. It is closer to brown, although it is cool, neutral and has a trendy, contemporary “washed out” quality to it. This means that it would work perfectly in combination with warmer colours and help them stand out and truly shine.

Jasper looks like a darker, cooler Riversand colour. It is one of the colorbond colours that has neutral quality to them. However, we will talk more about this shade, so let’s leave it until then.

What Are the Colorbond Colours?

There used to be only 14 colorbond colours, but now that number has climbed to 24. However, not all colours are available for all colorbond products.

You already know that there is colorbond fencing, but there are also roofs, fascia and gutters made of this type of steel. The manufacturers are creating more and more colorbond products, but these are the ones you should consider for your home today.

All those colorbond colours are inspired by the colours of Australia. That is why they are all in some sort of natural tones. For example, the majority of these colorbond colours are brown, grey sandy or green. Aren’t those the colours you can always see around you?

The browns are earthy tones that are also found on tree barks. Greys are mountains in the distance, but also the skies and the sea. Greens are self explanatory in a country full of bushlands. Sandy colours resemble the beaches, of course.

Colorbond colours are not so much classified according to their tones, but according to their inspiration. With that in mind, besides the Fencing category, you will also find the Contemporary, Matt, Ultra and Classic categories.

Fencing: Surfmist, Shale Gray, Domain, Evening Haze, Dune, Paperbark, Riversand, Pale Eucalypt, Jasper, Wilderness, Basalt, Woodland Grey, Ironstone, Monument.

Contemporary: Surfmist, Shale Grey, Dune, Evening Haze, Cove, Gully, Windspray, Wallaby, Basalt Mangrove, Jasper, Terrain, Ironstone, Monument.

Classic: Classic Cream, Paperbark, Pale Eucalypt, Cottage Green, Woodland Grey, Deep Ocean, Manor Red, Night Sky.

Matt Colorbond Colours: Surfmist, Shale Grey, Dune, Basalt, Monument.

Ultra: Surfmist, Dune, Windspray, Wallaby, Woodland Grey, Monument.

What Colorbond Colour Is Jasper?

Jasper is one of those colorbond colours that will make you look twice. At the first glance, it is not entirely clear whether this is a dark sandy colour, a warm grey shade or a brownish hue. The truth may as well be that it is all of that at once.

Image source: greenlinefencing

You can find Jasper in Fencing and Contemporary colours. If you would like something a bit lighter than Jasper, you should take a look at Riversand. If Jasper is deep enough for you, but you would prefer a colour that has more grey to it, your perfect colour will probably be Woodland Grey.

Riversand, of course, resembles the sandy beaches, but also a bit darker driftwood on the sand. It is warm colour that is somewhat muted, but it will easily spark up a lighter and more vibrant colorbond colour that you combine with it. Perfect for coastal areas.

Woodland Grey is inspired by the deep green and gray tones of the plants that grow in the woods. The fern and the olives, eucalyptus and the big, leafy trees in the shade are the origin of this interesting colour. Needless to say, it will be an excellent background colorbond fence for green gardens and natural ambience.

What Colorbond Colour Is Wilderness?

Wilderness is a pleasant, muted green colour. It is obvious that the inspiration for this colour comes from the forests and bushland, but there is an evident influence of the green rivers and streams.

Image source: empirefencing

Wilderness belongs only to the Fencing category. Other colorbond colours that may interest you if Wildernes is not precisely what you were looking for are Pale Eucalypt, Cottage Green and Mangrove.

Pale Eucalypt is a very popular choice for colorbond fencing. People choose it because its shade goes perfectly with the greenery of Australian homes. This happens because it has been inspired by the tones of the Eucalyptus plants that are native to Australia.

Cottage Green is one of the Classic colorbond colours that features bold and vibrant green colour which is a brave choice for a colorbond fence. However, it is a good choice for the countryside where this traditional shade has its place for decades.

Mangrove is a colour that finds its place between the contemporary muted and neutral colours and the bold traditional shades. It is warm, but not too intrusive, which means that it is a great choice for a colorbond fence in most surroundings.

Once you have studied all these colours and you have made your choice, it is time to contact colorbond fence installation experts and ask each one of them for their colorbond fence quote. Get your colorbond fence quotes and pick the right man for the job.

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