Customer Contact Preferences

Last updated: 4th Apr 2018

Did you know?

Customers can actually get overwhelmed when lots of businesses call them within moments of posting a job. In some cases these customers end up hiring none of our great businesses.

To address this issue, we ask some customers an extra question when they post their job. If we think they’ll get over 12 phone calls about the job, we give them the option to narrow down who gets their phone number. All other businesses can still use Chat to get in touch, and they’ll be sent the phone number if the customer adds them to their Shortlist of quotes.

Customers who select a Contact Preference are 20% more likely to choose a business than those who get calls from everyone who quotes.

Less than 7% of all jobs have a Contact Preference, so it’s not all that common. But to get as many numbers as possible, you should be Top Rated (4.5 stars or more from at least 5 reviews) or have the Pro Package. Businesses who are either Top Rated or Pro get more numbers than regular members.