Cost of Wallpaper Installation

Last updated: 15th Oct 2018

Cost of wallpaper installation

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Businesses charge approximately $30/m2 to install wallpaper. This is only an average, though, and rates can still change depending on factors such as the size of the job and the kind of wallpaper being installed.

Alternatively, some businesses offer hourly rates for their services. They charge around $50/hr on average, but rates usually range from $40/hr to $59/hr.

Where does this pricing data come from?

All prices stated in the above article are based on FY 2017 pricing data compiled by The figures resulted from a comprehensive analysis of quotes submitted by Wallpaper Installers on the site from July 2016 to July 2017.

Wallpaper installation prices from real customers

Gavin from NSW
He needed wallpaper installed on four walls at his home in Mosman.
TOTAL COST: $1,400
Clint from WA
He hired a painting business to install approximately 60sqm of wallpaper throughout his home in Iluka.
TOTAL COST: $1,300
Madhur from Vic
He wanted wallpaper to be installed on five walls throughout his home in Taylors Lakes. The job also involved hanging several wall paintings and repairing some doors.
TOTAL COST: $1,000

Costs of common wallpaper installation jobs

Wallpaper Installation Task Typical Quoted Prices
Install wallpaper on one wall $200
Install wallpaper on a bedroom wall $220
Remove wallpaper from a bathroom wall $500
Install vinyl wallpaper $380
Install wallpaper on a bedroom’s feature wall $250
Install wallpaper on a living room wall $600

Factors that determine wallpapering cost

Although wallpaper installation is a relatively straightforward job, businesses still consider a variety of factors in order to determine the cost of a job. These include the following:

Size of the job

Wallpaper installers typically provide quotes based on the size of the area to be covered. Of course, this means that larger walls will likely cost more money. There are also installers who charge hourly rates, though. Bigger spaces require more time to be covered, so you can expect to pay a higher amount with this circumstance.

Type of wallpaper

There are many different kinds of wallpaper available, and they have different looks, functions, and prices. Surface-printed is the cheapest kind of wallpaper and is adequate for most jobs. The downside, though, is that images on this kind of wallpaper tend to be average-looking. Vinyl-coated wallpapers are also an affordable option, and they provide an additional layer of protection. If budget is not a problem, you can have custom-printed wallpapers made. Apart from being expensive to make, they can also be expensive to install.

Difficulty of installation

You need to prepare a bigger budget if your job involves the removal of existing wallpaper prior to installing a new one. Replacement jobs are more expensive than standard installation jobs because the former requires more work, which will definitely incur extra fees. You can also expect higher rates if your wall has any cracks or holes. Your tradie will need to fill those holes and smoothen them out prior to laying the wallpaper because it is best applied on flat and even surfaces.

Rates vary from state to state

Wallpapering services in New South Wales have an average price of $27.50/m2. Meanwhile, rates are only a bit higher in Victoria where wallpaper installers charge around $30/m2.

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Pricing information correct as at August 2017.

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