Presents: Exclusive Jobs

Last updated: 26th Jul 2017

In this day and age, first impressions make all the difference…

Sometimes when a customer needs a job done, they view a business’ Profile and fall head over heals with the photos of their previous work, their outstanding reviews and quality of service they provide.

So impressed, they decide to bypass the traditional method of ‘Posting a Job’, comparing quotes and choosing the best business by posting a job DIRECTLY to a business with the intention of hiring them on the spot!

We call this an ‘Exclusive Job Posting’.

What does this mean for Businesses?

It’s the ULTIMATE way to win work as you’re not competing with other businesses and you get direct access to a new customer’s phone and email address so you can negotiate the specifics of that job immediately and directly.

At, we want to make sure both Customer and Business have a good experience using our site so we instantly send the business both an email and SMS notification to ensure they see the ‘Exclusive Job’ as soon as possible.

The business has the opportunity to DISCARD or QUOTE NOW on the job via email or SMS.

What’s the experience like for the Customer?

If a business decided to DISCARD the job, it will automatically be sent to a range of other matching businesses who can assist the customer getting the job done fast!

If the business doesn’t act on the ‘Exclusive Job’ within 24 hours of receiving it, it will also be automatically sent to a range of matching businesses.

How do I as a business owner win more Exclusive Jobs?

The formula is simple, impress your potential customers with a profile that stands out above the rest.

If you haven’t uploaded photos of previous jobs, a friendly profile photo, detailed description of what your business has to offer and some recent positive reviews from real customers, you’re already behind the 8-Ball!

The Team.