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Flower gardening

Express Gardening Services Ready To Go

Finding a gardener on a dime can be extremely difficult. These days, nobody has the time to search the phone book and wait days, or even weeks, before the gardener finally shows up. That is why Service Seeking and Sam’s Express Gardening are a perfect match!

Sam from Express Gardening is a customer favourite on Service Seeking with a 100% positive review rate, and this is most likely due to Sam’s business values of “respect and honesty”. His advice for succeeding on is to “always treat the work as if it is your own home and make every job special.”

Sam’s ‘Express’ mentality is also displayed in Pauline’s review as she states “Sam was on time, did a terrific job and charged less than his original quote when he saw that he had overestimated the size of the job. Such honesty is rare these days. Thank you.”

Sam also said that his two top rules for his business are: “contact the customer immediately, never keep them waiting” and “be on time for jobs, always”.

With over 35 happy new customers, Sam’s Express Gardening is quickly turning into one of the most successful on the site.