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Photo from Kangaroof

Meet the boys from Kangaroof

It all started out when two brothers, a tradie and a business development manager, wanted to build a business that offered more than what they were seeing on the market. Moe was working for several roofing businesses at the time, and his brother, Sal had observed the average standard that they were operating at. The brothers saw the potential to create something that delivered more, so they joined forces in 2006 and now own the very successful and well-reviewed roofing business Kangaroof based in Sydney’s west. The boys specialise in roofing and occasionally water proofing.

“At the moment, we want to focus mainly on those and just keep busy with that. It’s best to keep it small and just do one thing properly”, Sal says.

“…It’s best to keep it small and just do one thing properly”

For Sal, swapping the office for the open air came as a welcome change.

“I think back I just got so bored being in the same place at the same time Monday to Friday. I wanted to get outside, meet different people. I’m a social person, my favourite part of the job is meeting people all the time”, he says.

The competitive market is also a major drive for Sal and his brother to be the best business they can be.

“Because you’re going up against so many different businesses, when you present well and honestly to your prospective customers, you get high level of satisfaction when you win the job. They put their trust in you”, he says.

Sal says is appalled by the poor standard sometimes shown by other businesses in his line of work.

“We know when it comes to roofing that there’s a lot of shonky businesses out there.  We’ve heard stories of people going out, taking deposits and never showing up for the actual job”.

“We know when it comes to roofing that there’s a lot of shonky businesses out there…”

With over 65 positive reviews and a five star rating – it’s obvious that Sal and Moe are very different to these less trusted businesses. So what separates them?

“I think the skills that my brother has – he’s really knowledgeable when it comes to roofing – and my business development in management role has helped in building, maintaining and helping the business move forward”.

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