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Painting your house: resource centre. Relaxing living room

Painting Your House: Resource Centre

Last updated: 17th Dec 2019

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Styling, decorating and house painting all reflect who you are and what you choose to reveal about your personal tastes. They’re not just about making your place beautiful – they’re about adding character and personality to your home to make it more livable and inviting.

In this Service Seeking Home Painting Resource Centre we’ll help you on your journey with tools, tips, techniques, templates and celebrity inspiration.

Dive in and get started!

How Much Does it Cost to Paint Your House?

Download Free Guide on Painting a House

On average, Australian house painting jobs cost $40/hr, excluding paint and materials. Simpler jobs cost $35/hr and more complex ones $45/hr. Get all the details in this free guide.

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How much does it cost to paint a house.

How Much Does it Cost to Paint a House

The average cost and quoted rate of a standard house painting job in Australia is $40/hr
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Cost of Exterior House Painting

Cost of Exterior House Painting

The rate of painters for exterior house painting services is $40/hr
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Cost of Roof Painting

Cost of Roof Painting

An average cost estimate for painting a medium-sized roof in Australia is between $3,000 and $5,000…
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Commercial cost painting in Australia

Cost of Commercial Painting Jobs

Commercial painting services are priced at $45/hr on average.
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The cost of fence painting.

Cost of Fence Painting

Fence painting costs in some Australian states can start from as little as $750 and go up to $5,000
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Australian Pricing Guide

Want to know the cost of hiring expert help for your next job? We’ve collected up to date cost
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Painting Budget Templates

Painting your house can be complex for the uninitiated. Project costs depend on the condition and size of the room, your personal choices and your budget.

Here’s a range of budgets for your next project. Yours, for free.

kitchen painting budgets

Kitchen Painting Budget Templates

Did you know that the cost of a full kitchen renovation can go as high as… 
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bathroom painting budgets

Bathroom Painting Budget Templates

According to the latest data, bathroom renovators charge an hourly rate of…
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Bedroom painting budget template free download.

Bedroom Painting Budget

Professional painters in Australia will charge around $35-45 per hour… 
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Fence painting budget template free download.

Fence Painting Budget

Standard fencing jobs in Australia are priced around $75 per metre…
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Vendarah painting budget template free download

Verandah Painting Budget

Your verandah is one of the most conspicuous elements of your home…
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Garage painting budget template free download.

Garage Painting Budget

Depending on where it’s positioned, your garage can be one of the most…
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Sunroom painting budget template free download

Sunroom Painting Budget

Sunrooms – unsurprisingly – cop a lot of heat from the sun. And over time…
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Celebrity Inspiration – See All

Chris Hemsworth home photo

Chris Hemsworth – neutral palette

Are you a beach lover? If you are then you will definitely fall in love with…
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Nicole Kidman Home Photo

Nicole Kidman – warm colors

Nothing beats the calm feeling you will get when you’re close to nature…
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Hugh Jackman Home Photo

Hugh Jackman – white tones

Picking the right colour for your living room can be an overwhelming task but you can never go…
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Questions to Ask a Painter

Getting the right painter for your next painting project means getting the outcome you want. Getting the wrong painter can turn a seemingly simple job into an extended headache for all involved.

There are dozens of things to consider before choosing the colour of paint.
Use Service Seeking’s free and handy questions to ask a painter checklists to make sure you choose the right painter.

Questions to ask a painter checklist free download.

Questions to Ask a Painter Checklists

Did you know there are a lot of other things to consider? Is your painter insured? Who’s actually going to turn up to the job? Do I need to do any prep work beforehand? Do they have references? 
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Printable Wet Paint Signs – See All

Colourful Real Estate Wet Paint Signs

Colourful Real Estate Wet Paint Signs

Grab some free wet-paint signs to help keep your rooms looking great…
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Fun Wet Paint Signs for Children

Wet Paint Signs for Kindergartens and Daycares

Keep those little hands off the wet paint with these fun free signs!
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Best Wet Paint Signs for Your Office

Best Wet Paint Signs for Your Office

Stop people touching freshly painted surfaces with free wet paint signs.
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Cafes and Restaurants Wet Paint Signs

Cafes and Restaurant Wet Paint Signs

Warn customers there’s wet paint about with free downloadable signs.
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Useful Bi-lingual Wet Paint Signs

Helpful Bi-lingual Wet Paint Signs

Wide range of free multi-lingual wet paint signs. Grab yours now.
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Do-It-Yourself MasterClass – See All

How to Paint Your House

Painting a House Exterior

How to Paint a Kitchen

How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

How to Paint Ceilings

How to Paint Colorbond

How to Paint Tiles

How to Paint a Window Frame

How to Paint Wood Trim