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Tradie envy: these are the skills we wished we had the most

Tradies make us green with envy

Tradies are making us green with envy with their large toolkit of handyman knowledge. As the price of renovating goes up, Aussies are starting to see the value in having these trades skills. A recent survey conducted by jobs site interviewed 1,700 users who revealed that many of us wish we had taken a different career path…

Which tradies make us jealous?

In response to the question “What trade skills do you most wish you had”,

  • 37% of people said Electrical,
  • 24% said Landscaping,
  • 20% said Plumbing,
  • 11% said House Painting, and
  • 8% said Tiling.


Going further, respondants also answered which trade seemed the hardest, with Electricians and Plumbers being identified as the hardest trades to master.

The DIY jobs we most WISH we could do:

  • 24% wish they could re-tile their own bathroom
  • 21% wish they could install cabinetry
  • 19% wish they could build a deck
  • 16% wished they could paint a wall
  • 10% wish they could unclog a blocked drain; and
  • 9.6% wished they could fix a blown fuse box.

Most Hated DIY Job:

It should come as no suprise that the most hated DIY job was unclogging the toilet, with 40% of respondets identifying this most unsavoury task.

Reasons why we HATE DIY:

  • 40% answered “Doesn’t turn out how you picture it”
  • 36% said DIY is just time consuming
  • 19% complained DIY was physically exhausting, and
  • 4% don’t like getting dirty.

It should come as no surprise then that find-a-tradie sites like have seen more than 2 million Australians flock to them. With the average job posted on the site worth around $1,400, it seems that tradesmen are also benefitting from Australians hatred of DIY and the fact that is a constant flow of new customers and work available. In fact, more than $1billion in work has been won through the website making tradies a very in-demand commodity.

The data is from a survey of more than 1,700 users of in September 2017, an online services marketplace connecting customers with over 150,000 local businesses.