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Last updated: 17th Oct 2019

The business success centre

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many leads can I get?

The number of leads you can get depends on the categories and areas you purchase with your membership. 

How many competitors will I have?

The average number of businesses that quote is 3 to 5. Some categories and areas are more competitive, and we can recommend ways to stand out from the pack. 

If many businesses quote on a job, in what order will the quotes appear on the customer’s dashboard?

Master Members’ quotes are shown to customers first, then Premium Members and finally Basic Members. 

Who gets to see it first when a job is posted?

Businesses with Master Membership have the advantage because they can contact customers without having to fill out the quote form and give a price. Normally, we require you to introduce yourself to each customer and give a rough price before seeing the contact details. 

How many jobs are posted in a day?

Approximately 1,500 – 2,000 new jobs are posted on the site every day — that’s about 50,000 jobs in a month.

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On average, a new job is posted on ServiceSeeking.com.au every 47 seconds!