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Introducing ‘Analytics’

Last updated: 4th Jun 2019

Analytics is a set of analytical tools and reports developed by Service Seeking to show how you compare with your local market. This feature comes free when you sign up for a membership on the site.

Which businesses can use Analytics?

Any business who has quoted in the last 31 days can get an Analytics Membership and access to comparison reports.

The reports are designed to give the most benefit to regular users who are very active in big local markets. If you are in a major city and quote a few times each week on the site, you’ll get a lot out of the Analytics reports. If you are in a regional area or you quote once or twice a month, it is probably not for you.

Situations where Analytics doesn’t work

There are several situations where Analytics reports won’t work as intended.

  • No recent quotes – If you haven’t quoted in the last 31 days you won’t see any data.
  • Your local market is small  If you only quote a few times a month or there are only a few leads in your area or you have no competitors, you’ll see reports. However, you probably won’t get meaningful comparative data.
  • Poor Quality Quotes  You’ll see odd results in the Market Pricing reports if you quote using the wrong price types or submit inaccurate quotes.
  • National Coverage  If your business has a national or statewide footprint, your Proximity rank will naturally be low. The reports are geared to help smaller local businesses more than national companies.

Why use Analytics?

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. If you understand how you compare to your competitors, you can better position your business to new prospects and improve your chances of winning clients.

Are your prices budget or premium? Are you a fast or slow responder? How local are you to clients? Do you have more or less feedback ratings?

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Read about how we calculate Analytics data or how to understand Analytics reports.