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How to be the best tradie for the job

Last updated: 21st Mar 2018

Hiring a tradie isn’t as straight-forward as you may think. Many customers agonise over their decision on who to hire, especially with a big-budget renovation on the line.

Your customer wants someone who can not only perform the work they need done, but who understands their specific requirements and can do the job at the right time, for the right price and to their expectations.

So between reviews, licence checks, availability, pricing and insurance – you can be sure they’ll be doing their homework, which is why you need to have all yours done too.

Licence checks
If a customer goes to check your qualifications and they’ve either lapsed or don’t exist, chances are you won’t get the job. So if you worked bloody hard to get that licence, be sure to have it registered and displayed openly on your business page.

Reviews are a really great way for a customer to assess if a tradie is the right fit for them. It makes sense to encourage reviews from happy customers so that potential new ones know about the awesome work you’ve completed in the past.

What insurance do you have to cover your work? It’s a question your customer will want to know. Maybe it’s time to reassess if your policies are giving you the greatest cover for the best price. Like all things, it’s good to shop these around often so you’re not overpaying.

What’s a fair price for the job? Not every customer is after the cheapest option; although there is definitely a place for that too. While you might not want to compare yourself to others, sometimes it’s a good exercise to explore your industry to see where your pricing sits within it.