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How does hipages work?

Last updated: 20th Jan 2020

How does hipages work?

Hipages is an online service directory that connects Australian consumers to local businesses in the home improvement trade industry. Users post a job they need done on the hipages website or mobile app which is then sent to relevant tradesmen and businesses in their local area as a lead. These businesses then have the opportunity to view the lead and quote back on the customer’s job.

What information is included in a hipages lead?

Businesses receive a full description of the job including:

  • Any images uploaded by the customer
  • The lead price and status
  • Location

(Source: hipages)

Business pay the lead price when accepting to quote on a job

Before a business is able to quote on a particular job lead and communicate with the customer, they must pay the stated lead price which varies between jobs based on a range of different factors. If they do not wish to pay the lead price, they must mark the lead as ‘discarded’.

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If a business pays for a lead, are they guaranteed to win work?

No. Businesses are only paying for the opportunity to quote on the job. Other businesses which have accepted the lead will also be quoting on the job through the hipages platform. In addition, when a user posts a job on hipages, there is no obligation for them to hire a business or even go through with a job.

What Is HiPages Revenue, Costs and Profit?

Their recent FY19 ASIC accounts reveal that HiPages achieved $45m in revenue but lost an astounding $13.5m. They are far from profitable, with approximately $17m in debt. They did not record any meaningful year on year growth, although their losses grew substantially, up from approximately $8m the year prior. You can download their FY19 Financials here

How is ServiceSeeking.com.au different to hipages?

We don’t charge per lead or every time you want to quote

While hipages charges its businesses to pay per lead, ServiceSeeking.com.au believes that businesses should not have to pay for a lead they may not win. Rather, ServiceSeeking.com.au members pay a monthly or annual membership price that gives them the opportunity to quote on an unlimited number of leads.

Open communication

Unlike hipages which does not allow businesses to contact customers unless they pay for the lead, ServiceSeeking.com.au shares the contact details of the customer with all potential business matches (based on the customer’s communication preferences). Even if the customer does not release their mobile or email, businesses can still use the instant chat feature on the website or mobile app to communicate.

More than home improvement

ServiceSeeking.com.au is not limited to home improvement services – we also have categories for gardening, cleaning, accounting and more. You can view the full list of categories here. 

Interested in learning more about ServiceSeeking.com.au?

If you are a business owner looking to to take your services online, ServiceSeeking.com.au has flexible and affordable membership options to suit your needs. You can sign up online, or call us to discuss your business needs and get started.

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