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August 2018 Survey Responses

The responses to our August 2018 Survey are now in. We had more than 1090 responses in total from all over Australia.  August Survey: Investment Properties, Household Jobs, Tradie Rip Offs, Sharing Economy, AirBnb & More How Old Are The Respondents of our Survey? Where Do They Live? Are they Male or Female? How Big Is the Market Opportunity […]

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FY18 Tradie Rich List: Who Are Australia’s Richest Tradies & Who Made The Most Cash?

Australia’s Richest Tradies Get Rich or Die Tryin’ ServiceSeeking’s top tradie, a Melbourne Builder specialising in property maintenance, renovations, demolitions and fit-outs, brought home over $372k in FY18, placing him in the upper echelons of Australia’s top earners. He has cashed in more than top earning doctors and lawyers, according to the latest median income […]

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