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Reno rookie advice to create your own House Rules Everyone is a reno rookie at some point. And if that’s you right now, then it helps to know what other rookies have learnt from their mistakes so you don’t make the same ones! Here we’ve compiled some tips from previous House Rules contestants on what […]

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Sydney’s Renovation Hot Spots

  As Sydney’s housing construction boom begins to decline, looks back at the suburbs that have had the biggest makeover in 2017. The find-a-tradie site has designed a map which compiled 5,000 home improvement and renovation jobs submitted by customers over the year according to postcode, with booming areas in dark red, and areas […]

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$300 for new workwear to keep you safer

Get $300 worth of tax deductible sun protective workwear and save your health. If you’re like 51% of tradies, you probably wore shorts and a t-shirt today, while being exposed to the harsh Australian sun for long periods outside. Hopefully you wore sunscreen. The best way to protect it, is to cover it. And if […]

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Want to know why businesses discount their price?

Small businesses are feeling the pinch of a tightening economy with 42% of respondants in a recent ServiceSeeking survey revealing they are undercutting their competitors by as much as 30% to win work. “Starting a small business can be a tough gig,” admits ServiceSeeking CEO Jeremy Levitt. “All businesses will experience leaner times when they first start […]

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The tradies in NSW you can save on

In Q2 FY18 Tilers, Builders and Electricians saw decreases in their charge-out rates versus the prior year (-5%, -2% and -1% respectively). To make matters worse their charge-out rates also fell below the national average in their respective industries. Currently, Tilers and Builders in New South Wales are facing decreasing demand for their services, forcing […]

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Victorian tradies living on Struggle Street

Victorian tradies are charging 10% less than the national hourly charge-out rate, and earn the lowest recorded hourly wages in Australia for Q2 FY18. Tilers, painters and carpenters have been forced to charge well below the national industry average for their respective trades (-26%, -23% and -18%) as demand for tradies starts to slip in […]

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