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Tradies Top 5 Picks for 2018

5th January 2018 surveyed over 800 customers and businesses to find the top tradie picks for 2018, so here is a list of the 5 things that make a tradies day run smoothly.  1. Toyota Hilux To start off the work day in good stead a tradie needs a powerful chariot to deliver his […]

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Tradies Starting to Embrace Bitcoin

7 December 2017 As Bitcoin smashed through $22,000 AUD for one coin last week, an ever increasing pool of Australians are flocking to invest in cryptocurrency. The traditional, salt of the earth tradie is one industry that’s starting to recognise the potential for cryptocurrency to replace fiat currencies in the future. The survey commissioned by […]

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Western Australia back in the Renovation Game

(3rd November 2017) Western Australian tradies have bounced back from their 8% downturn at the beginning of the last quarter to sit at just 1% below the national average hourly rate. The renovation boom has started to make its way over to the west as the economy slowly recovers from the end of the mining […]

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VIC has the cheapest tradies, but the richest Plumbers

(3rd November 2017) Victorian tradies are charging 5 per cent less than the national hourly rate, reclaiming their title as the cheapest state for renovations for the second year in a row. Yet while rates are cheap across most trades, Plumbers are flush with cash according to new data released by The Victorian plumber is […]

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NSW Wins Best Paid Tradies

    (3rd November 2017) It’s been a great year for tradies in NSW with a 9 per cent hike in average hourly rates, making them the best paid in the country. What keeps NSW at the top of the game is consistent growth throughout the year according to new data released Over the last quarter […]

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Tilers in QLD earn 51% more in 2017  

(3rd November 2017) Tilers in Queensland have taken a 51 per cent pay rise after falling $10 below the national average hourly rate in 2016. Tilers now earn 7 per cent more than the national average at $59.25/hour making them the best paid in their field across Australia. Overall tradies in Queensland have greatly benefitted […]

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The Tradie Rich List 2017

(27th October 2017) The results are in and Victorian Plumbers have defeated their counterparts in Western Australia for the title of Australia’s richest tradie after hourly rates surged by 21% in 2017 to an average of $91.21 an hour. Over the past year hourly rates have risen by 4% across all trades, with Queensland and […]

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Renovation Battle of the Sexes

      Image Courtesy of United Handyman Association   The men and women of Australia have weighed in on all things handy(wo)man- the skills they have and the skills they wished they had. In 2017 it seemed appropriate to re-assess public opinion to see whether the stereotypes of men and women in the area […]

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Tradie Stereotypes: September 2017 Survey We surveyed over 1,700 users of and uncovered some interesting insights about tradie stereotypes.  From our tradies: From our customers:   Survey data from a survey of more than 1,700 users of in September 2017, an online services marketplace connecting customers with over 150,000 local businesses.

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