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7 Super-Easy Ways to Save on Home Renovation

Did you know that in Australia, it can cost anywhere between $20,000 to $300,000 to renovate an entire house? Take a look at project estimates for typical renovation tasks, based on our survey of over 50,000 quotes: Home Renovation Task Typical Quoted Prices Flooring installation $10,000 Window installation $5,000 Carpet installation $2,500 Insulation installation $6,000 […]

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9 Basic Tips for Painting your Wooden Fence

Dear Sad Homeowner, A wooden fence that’s well maintained adds to curb appeal, gives you privacy and is an effective safety measure. One that doesn’t devalue the property and actually enhances it. As you noted, regular maintenance is also important to prevent rotting weathering and deterioration. Regular fence painting with the right fence paint should […]

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