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We are a premier electrical company with over 20 years of experience in the industry. We specialise in all types of electrical work for residential, commercial, and industrial properties, and our services include:

• Electrical services & installation
• Solar panel installation
• Solar inverters and batteries
• LED lighting
• Security cameras
• TV antennas
• Data, Phone and communications
• Electrical hot water systems
• Electrical ovens
• Switch board upgrade
• Smoke alarm

We strictly adhere to safety standards, which is why we meet all federal, state, and local safety regulations. We will be able to cater to all your electrical requirements, and we can guarantee that we will do it in a safe, professional, and prompt manner.

We cater to the whole of New South Wales, and we are available from 7 am to 11 pm everyday, 7 days a week.

Contact us today and let us take care of your electrical needs.

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223 Reviews
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"Great guy with lots of experience. Was very punctual and knew what he was doing. Recommend him 100% to anyone. Glad I chosed him from other 27 quotes."
from Leumeah, NSW posted a job for Electricians on 24 June 2020

from Eschol Park, NSW posted a job for Electricians on 15 June 2020

from Ingleburn, NSW posted a job for Outdoor Lighting on 4 June 2020

"Installed bathroom exhaust fan 3 in 1 for me last week. punctual, fast and professional job done."
from Panania, NSW posted a job for Electricians on 4 June 2020

"I can not recommend this guy. He is one of the dodgy guy. I have my solar system not working. Thus, I need electrician to fix it. He said he will charge $100 call out fee for checking inverter and $50 for solar panel to check it. I said come and check and fix it. He came and said inverter is not working and pv switch is not working. Give me $100 call out fees. He didn't try to fix anything. I said please change pv switch he said he don't have switch. So he cant change it but i have to pay $100 because he found that inverter is not working and pv switch is not working. He said inverter is $4000 to replace it and he said do you want to replace it?. After this conversation he said, do you want me to go on roof and check solar panels are working or not. That will cost another $50. This is cheating because I want electrician to come inspect and fix problem not like just come and tell me that it's not working. I know that solar system is not working. So dont want to know this. I want solar system to fix it.So guys I have very bed experience. I feel like rip off. Please be careful with this guy. Just avoid this type of cheaters. I will call tomorrow fair trading and complaint their as well. After this I have another electrician come and inspect and found fault and fix it. It Is now working good."
from Parramatta, NSW posted a job for Solar panel installation and repair on 30 May 2020
"We booked job on phone & confirmed by SMS with customer for testing and fault finding the problem why 10KW 3 phases inverter not working no materials included: $100. Extra charges if we go on roof: $50, I can provide pictures of SMS for proof, I want him please to show proof for what he’s saying ? Customer name is Dhaval Patel, ph 0430 488 851, We went to his house on 30-05-2020 in Crimea St Parramatta on Saturday afternoon to test inverter, I found inverter faulty and 2 isolators next to inverter are damaged from water broken & Dangerous but still working & must be replaced for safety. I said you need 2 new DC isolators & 10KW 3 phases Inverter he said but inverter not faulty i say its faulty because i tested 10KW inverter and showing fault on screen as well (Sir i test system and i told you what is the problem if you don’t believe me there is nothing i can do) he said no problems with inverter just replace 2 isolators and will work, i said i will do what you want but i don’t have 2 isolators with me now i have only 1, I can come back next week Tuesday to replace them i can do what you want but inverter won’t work because its faulty so its not my problem, he said replace them now, i said i don’t have time to do it now its late and gonna get dark and i don’t have 2 DC isolators with me now i can make it next week, plus i said its recommended to test panels on roof to make sure no other problems he said no i don’t want you to go on roof there is no problems in there, I said no problems i do what you want, He said i will get you isolators, i said no problems but can you get them now he says all shops are close now and he says ill get them later and you can come back next week to do it, I said its ok and he said but i can do it by my self, I said this is not my business you want to do it by your self or not its not my business but you may kill your self. I said do you want me to book job Tuesday next week or not please confirm because you are confusing me, he said yes and than he said again can you do it now, i say i told you i can’t make it now next week yes and his wife came outside and talked in they're language and said no its ok don’t book it, I say I’m leaving now please pay me money HE SAID YOU WANT MONEY ???? I said yes we don’t work for free, He said but you didn’t fix it i said i don’t have materials now and its late i can book it Tuesday next week, he said no, i said ok but i need money please, he said give me invoice and ill pay you later, I said please pay me now and ill give you invoice now he start to say yes no yes no ……. after 10 minutes he agree to pay on serviceseeking website and i gave him invoice. This is not right what he said (we refused to do his job), We pay lot of money to get job leads why i would say no to him after i payed already for the lead and i can get another job for same lead without quoting and waisting time & money, but the problem with this customer he focus on replace isolators now replace them now and i keep saying i don’t have 2 DC isolators with me now and its late but i can book job for next week but i don’t know what’s wrong with him, We agree by SMS to come to his house for General testing and fault finding why inverter not working, Materilas not included: $100 Extra charges if we go on roof: $50, He should've told me before he want to replace 2 DC isolators only no testing and fault finding so i could bring with me 2 DC isolators not to go there with only 1 because we don't carry DC isolators all the time. He said someone else fixed job after i left this is a lie, Lets assume he found someone with 2 DC isolators with him and replace them, the inverter won't work because 2 DC Isolators are working but inverter not working so now the main problems from inverter not isolators. We work very hard with good customer service and we have very good reviews we don’t know why this customer did this to us, We hope he will fix it soon."

"Quick professional did good job highly recommended "
from Allawah, NSW posted a job for Electricians on 23 May 2020

from Ryde, NSW posted a job for Electricians on 18 April 2020



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