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  • Small Interstate Movers

    Triple R Movers

    They were very good. I definitely would like to hire them again.

    207 Reviews
  • He was really good. Very efficient and the price was right. Highly recommended.

    95 Reviews
  • Transport Movers

    G C Freighters P/L

    We used GC Freighters to move one piece. They were very cost effective and had good communication. We asked they contact us enroute to the job which they attempted (but we accidentally gave wrong ph number) so they e-mailed us instead to advise they were on their way. The boys were very polite...

    81 Reviews
    Albany Creek,QLD
  • We moved within Parramatta. Michael did a wonderful job for us. We were quite concerned before moving. But he made it look easy. He was very flexible, cooperative and polite. He took care of our stuff really well. We appreciate his work. He was fantastic.

    72 Reviews
  • Furniture Movers

    Aussi Removal & Delivery

    Very good value and responsible guys, i will recommend to any one.

    64 Reviews
  • Movers Service

    Al Removals

    I am 100% happy that i gave this job to them. They were friendly, professional and quick. They moved my stuff and furniture very quick without any damage to the property or furniture. 100% recommend them.

    49 Reviews
    Oakleigh South,VIC
  • MWT

    Fran extremely helpful and cooperative over phone as I had to move on a public holiday and Noel and his assistant were efficient and careful and made the experience pleasant. I would not hesitate to recommend their services to friends and family. Belinda

    48 Reviews
    Green Fields,SA
  • UR

    Transport Movers

    Up&Go Removals

    The guys were very helpful and even put our queen bed together and asked where we would like the furniture put. I would highly recommend them to friends and family.

    50 Reviews
    Redcliffe North,QLD
  • Excellent service, and quote, 3men turned up loaded over 30 cub.m. in 5 hrs, delivered to Goldcoast in 2 days from Melbourne, highly professional team, insured for transit. Victor, Civil Eng.,Builder

    32 Reviews
    Barrack Heights,NSW
  • Kamil was amazing! He was punctual, polite and very professional. We were desperate for someone to help with painting & odd jobs around the house which we were getting ready for sale. He knew how to fix everything we proposed to him, the painting & prep work was done to a high standard and best o...

    35 Reviews
  • SR

    Company Movers

    Sai Removalist

    Ketan was punctual, patient and had a great attitude. I would recommend Ketan and his services to anyone looking for "Service with a Smile" with honesty.

    26 Reviews
  • Commercial Movers

    Dutchies Removals

    Very professional, efficient, polite and understanding. Highly recommended!!! Great people!

    25 Reviews
  • Furniture Movers

    Beached Removals

    Very professional, took good care with our furniture & fair price.

    26 Reviews
    Little Mountain,QLD
  • Movers And Services

    Pronto Removals

    Testimonial Pronto removals thank you sincerely for excellent work, fast and efficient handling of our items, with a no problem is too difficult CAN DO attitude! Your pricing is excellent, your work highly professional with your furniture moving ability highly commendable. Along with that Pront...

    25 Reviews
  • Movers And Services

    Wright Way Removals

    Ben and his team were friendly and professional.On time and a good price. Would recommend them and service seeking .com to all and sundry.Thank you.

    29 Reviews
  • Transport Movers

    Extracare Removals

    I highly recommend Extracare Removals. They've arrived on time, did the job quickly and were very careful with all goods when moving and during transport. Their good mood and sympathy were a bonus not usually available on other removalist companies.

    31 Reviews
  • PMB

    Movers And Services

    Paul Murphy Builder

    He was fantastic! Very efficient, prompt and reasonably priced. Highly Recommended!

    21 Reviews
  • He was a nice guy. Came and did exactly what I asked him. Reasonable price!

    20 Reviews
  • Commercial Movers

    Upay Freight

    My experience with Steve was 100% positive. They showed up on time, worked very hard to move all of our big items of furniture up to a second store apartment. very friendly, organised and professional.

    19 Reviews
  • Commercial Movers

    Super Van Man Removals

    Was very happy with the service. Ideal for small job. Professional, friendly and good communication. Would use them again in the future.

    19 Reviews
    Surry Hills,NSW
  • CR

    Nationwide Movers

    CountryWide Removals

    I was very happy I chose Country Wide Removalists. Their quote was upfront, clear and competitive. They arrived on time and were very efficient. The Removalists were curteous and took great care with my items. I would not hesitate to recommend them.

    18 Reviews
    Berkeley Vale,NSW
  • Jasper, the lead, and his team are friendly, fit and professional. We had a reasonably hard move, with upstairs heavy furniture and a big hill. Nothing went wrong, my marri furniture and paintings made it in tact. Thanks boys!

    18 Reviews
  • Company Movers

    Clean and Green

    Rick was prompt, courteous and honest. His quote was thorough and I felt he understood my needs. He undertook the job at an excellent price and was much faster than I thought he'd be. I'll definitely use them again.

    17 Reviews
  • Great service. The guys were friendly, professional and got the job done quickly. Thanks!

    16 Reviews

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What to Know About Hiring Professional Movers

Moving house is a painstaking process; you should be systematic in going about it so that everything runs smoothly. It can be very stressful, but planning ahead and prioritising things will surely take you a long way.

Types of tasks done by furniture removalists

Preparing to move requires a lot of time. If you don’t have the luxury of time to take care of things prior to moving, you should get professional movers on board to help you out. They offer an array of services that can help make the moving process so much easier for you. They know a lot of efficient packing and unpacking methods, and they can ensure the safe handling of your belongings. Typically, moving companies can provide you with boxes too, so you can be sure that all your packing needs are covered. Additionally, they can label your boxes so that you can easily identify which ones contain the items that you need.

If you are moving to a smaller home, removalists can assist you with downsizing. They will help you decide which items you can bring, which ones you have to let go, or which ones you can put in a storage for a certain period.

Professional movers also use various tools and equipment to secure your items in the moving truck or van. This will surely give you peace of mind as they transport your belongings to your new home. Of course, once your packages have arrived, they can help you set them up as well. Some house movers also offer additional services like picture hanging and house or office cleaning.

Moving services can be personalised according to your needs too — are you moving overseas, to another state or territory, or just within the area? Other specialised services include: retirement moving, office relocation, pet relocation, and many more.

What to look for when hiring movers

You should be meticulous when looking for a professional moving service. Do your part as a customer to ensure that your items will be handled properly. One of the first things that you should do is check if the businesses you’re considering are licensed and insured. In addition, look into their experience and qualifications so that you’ll know if they’re really up to scratch.

However, several years of experience in the industry may not be enough to guarantee quality work and superb customer service. Apart from the mover’s capacity to carry out the job, make sure that they also have the right attitude towards work. You can find out about how they deal with their clients by reading reviews about their services.

Check their business profiles to know how their previous customers rated their service. By doing this, you can gauge if hiring them is worth your every penny.

It’s important for removalists to be thorough especially when packing items so find out what you can about how they perform their tasks. A great amount of care is needed in handling boxes especially those that contain for fragile removals; make sure that they are capable of moving furniture and other personal belongings as if these are their own.

Other qualities that you should look for are promptness and efficiency. These two things will show you the likelihood of the business finishing the job on time. When looking for moving house services, make sure that you get someone who can stick to a proper schedule. Any task that is delayed can cause a ripple effect and put other things on hold; in the end, you might end up with a disastrous moving experience due to delays.

Another thing that you need to consider is the location of the business as well as the areas that they cover. If you’re moving to a different state or territory, make sure that the business offers interstate removals.

Cost of moving services

You can get the services of professional furniture movers at an average rate of $35 per half hour. Of course, there are different variables that could affect the price; that’s why you need to clarify every aspect of the job with the business.

The size of the job is one of the main factors that will dictate the cost of the service. If you have a ton of things to pack including large furniture, businesses would naturally send you higher quotes. However, if it’s just a small move that can be accomplished by more or less two movers, you can expect to pay lower rates.

The type of move is also a consideration as businesses may have different prices for, let’s say, house removals and office removals. When posting your job, ensure that you include what kind of service you need. Apart from that, any additional service that you’ll get may incur extra charges. Your location is a determinant too. Australian states and territories may have varying prices for moving services, and the distance from the origin to the destination may also have an effect on the cost of the movers’ rates.

Be careful when comparing prices too. Some business may give you hourly, half-hour, or fixed rates for your job. After ensuring the trustworthiness of the businesses, you should think about which one offers the best value for your money. While it’s important to hire a mover who is qualified for the job, you should also consider the limitations of your budget. In some cases, fixed rates offer huge savings to customers; sometimes hourly or half-hour rates work best to their advantage — it usually depends on the circumstances.

If you want to have a look at your options, check out the top moving businesses on the site. They have been ranked according to the number of positive feedback that they have received from their previous clients. You can also get quotes from them by simply posting your job on the site. As many as 12 businesses can send you quick estimates, so you can be sure that you’ll have enough choices. On top of that, you can also pay for the services securely through the site.