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OneAV is a Specialist Provider of:

Reliable Digital HDTV Antenna & Satellite Television Reception, Distribution, Reproduction and Recording Systems.

High Performance, Low Visibility Home Cinema Solutions Incorporating Acoustic Screens, In-Wall/In-Ceiling Speakers, 3D Projection, Hidden AV Components and Wireless Automation Remote Controls.

Networked Multi-room Music Solutions for Home and Commercial Venues Incorporating Wireless Touchscreen Controllers.

Rich Sounding Outdoor Speaker Solutions for Pools, Saunas, Gardens and Parks.

Enthusiast Hi-Fi Music Solutions including Valve Amplification, Balanced Audio, Active Crossovers and Vinyl Playback.

Low Maintenance, High Reliability Home Automation and Full HD Surveillance/Security IP Camera Solutions with Real-time Remote Internet Monitoring via PC, Phone and Tablets.

Multimedia Triple Play Network Infrastructure Solutions.


OneAV is an Insured & licensed Australian Government Endorsed Antenna Installer for Domestic, Commercial and Satellite Digital TV Reception & Distribution Systems as part of the Digital Ready Campaign (visit the Digital Switchover Taskforce website at for more information).

Whether its multi-room audio, building wide video, home cinema or the kitchen radio, we know more about the important details.

We offer professional products and services that suit your needs at a very fair prices for projects of any size and description.

We are experts in everything from complete designs of multi-room music and home cinema systems, to building wide TV, audio and video distribution implementations.

We have decades of experience in component selection, cabling, connection and configuration of all audio visual electronics and computers.

Whether you are building a new home, renovating or just in need of a proper and long lasting HDTV, Satellite, Cable, BD, muti-room AV or media server solution, give us a call and we will advise you on the right equipment and services for your unique requirements.


A Proper TV Antenna Service

Correctly designed and configured for long term reliability. Flexible and scalable solutions to deliver television throughout your premises.

Poor television reception is most likely the result of a failing antenna configuration. High winds and severe storms can damage aerial mounts and components leading to unreliable picture, sound and channel availability.

Whether your TV has stopped working or has never worked before, we can provide the foundations necessary for long term terrestrial signal stability through properly engineered antenna installations.

Our correct positioning, mounting, cabling and calibration methods ensure you save hundreds in future servicing costs.


Real Cinematic Experiences at Home without Losing Valuable Living and Family Spaces

Advanced directional in-wall and in-ceiling speaker technology combined with sound transparent acoustic projection screens and proper product selection, room design, installation and calibration produces high impact results that exceed most Sydney cinemas, while not taking up any extra floorspace. Make your empty wall cavities and wasted ceiling spaces work for you today and stop paying thousands a year on fuel and tickets.


Convenient Multi-room, Multi-zone Music Systems

We custom design and install cost effective, integrated solutions consisting of music servers, amplifiers, digital volume controls) and easy to use, reliable touchscreen control interfaces that allow you to control any number of desired zones from anywhere in the building while being able to choose tracks with album art, pause, skip, shuffle, and play directly from the palm of your hand.


Real Audio Visual Automation

Easy to use, single button press remote control solutions for busy people (i.e. everyone) that ends unnecessary pointing, hides your AV equipment out of sight where they belong, ends remote control hell by replacing all existing controllers with just one, and works well with all your equipment, including lighting, doors, blinds, air conditioning and security system.


Wide Dynamic Range Digital Surveillance

We only provide solutions that are able to clearly capture all events at all times - whether it is the blistering midday sun, the shadowy mornings and evenings, or the dead of night - our WDR camera technology adapts to the full range of different lighting scenarios and records all the details so that when you really need that crucial piece of video evidence, it is available for all to clearly see.



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